Chicago Street Style - Dapper Man

I spotted this fellow yesterday afternoon on my way to meet a friend. He was a little shy at first, but finally agreed to let me capture this incredible look. The wide shouldered belted motorcycle jacket paired with the multiple checked patterns looks edgy and classic at the same time. The saddle shoes are definitely the piece de resistance of this look.

My favorite part of our encounter was after we had said our goodbyes he informed me that I was lucky to snap his picture because he "usually doesn't pose for photos, well not with his clothes on at least!"

This Chicago street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


  1. HELL NAW...i swear i have drawn this guy naked...FOR A CLASS #artmajor

    1. THAT. IS. AMAZING. So he was being serious about his birthday suit! Life is rich, you just gotta drink it in.


      Très Awesome.

  2. OH MY! This is a wonderful outfit. He looks fantastic and this is such a cute picture.


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