Advanced Style Documentary Premiere Party

This past friday No Small Plans Productions hosted the opening night and premiere of the Advanced Style documentary at Gene Siskel Film Center.

The event drew fashionable folks of all ages including some women who have been featured on the Advanced Style blog and quite a few of mother daughter duos, including April Francis and her Mama and Isa Giallorenzo of the street style blog Chicago Looks.

Style expert Amy Tara Koch did a Q and A session with Ari Seth Cohen, the producer of the film and founder of Advanced Style,  and the director  Lina Plioplyte (Who've I've actually photographed on the street before, see her portrait here) via Skype after the show. It was great to be able to hear Ari speak about the Advanced Style project and his larger goal of bringing attention to these vibrant, wise, stylish older folk who are routinely ignored and pushed aside for the young.

Kristin Kaza of No Small Plans Productions and future Advanced Style subject getting pumped for the film outside the theater. Check out all the fabulous style of the attendees on the red carpet on facebook.

I cannot reccomend this film strongly enough, and you can catch it all next week at Gene Siskel Film Center! Check the schedule right here.


Wide Legged Jeans on Leandra Medine

The title of this post rhymes, in case you didn't notice. Also wide legged jeans are back as proven by The Man Repeller herself. Don't go throwing out your skinnies yet, but there are now officially options :)


Ready, Set, Target Style Event Recap

Last Thursday I got a real taste of what it's like to be on a show like Project Runway.  I, along with bloggers Yanira Garza and Dana Weiss of the Possesionista were issued style challenges around the classic white button down shirt using the Target Fall Style collection. We didn't know what the challenges were before hand which added to the drama and frankly nervousness before the show. But despite all that,  we all had a great time, and I won! Which is crazy because I never win anything.

To add to the pressure the looks were judged by Marie Claire editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, editorial director of Paper Magazine Mickey Boardman, style expert Mary Alice Stephenson, and Ikram Goldman owner of the fabulous Ikram.

The set and format of the event felt very much like a reality show (without the wine throwing and backstabbing). The way it worked was we had 3 minutes to choose an outfit and 3 minutes to get our models dressed backstage. I had the great fortune of having the amazing Azeeza Khan and Jessie Kalin as my muses. I have to admit it was a little intimidating dressing women with such amazing personal style, but they couldn't have been more laid back. Here they are in their looks.

The first challenge which I styled Azeeza in was an outfit that could carry her from a brunch in Bucktown to an afternoon of Tailgating at Soldier Field (never mind that I could not in a million years see Azeeza hanging out in a parking lot drinking beer). The judges loved this look and gave me the winning score! The second challenge was based off of an object they assigned us, and I got a master lock pad lock. I took inspiration from the black and white color pallete of the lock and the tried to make her look ultra-luxurious, like something that needed be kept under lock and key. Both outfits looks sophisticated, cool and expensive (but they are not!) and can be found this very minute at Target.

Here we are revealing Azeeza's "Tailgating" outfit. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my hand here.

Here are the fabulous judges. They were all so cool and encouraging. When Ikram Goldman and Mary Alice Stephenson give you a compliment on your styling, that's HUGE!!!

Also did I mention the event was PACKED?  Guests enjoyed bites, drinks, Pixi mini makeovers and GIF photo-booth. Here the crowd is using the little Target paddles to vote on the final look between me and Yanira.

Here are all the looks that were styled. The bottom line is there is TONS of cute stuff at Target now ladies. I mean who doesn't want that black lace top that Jess is wearing or those boots on Azeeza?

All the stylists together, how cute are Yanira and Dana?! Answer: VERY.

The talented makeup artist Shanon O'Brien did little makeup tutorials on the winning looks to show how to elevate the style through a lip or dramatic eye. All with the Petra Pixi label available at Target.

Another shot of my ladies.

Here's the whole crew after the show. Also my darling husband brought my daughter Adeline. It was so fun having her at the event.

I'm so grateful to have been included in such a fabulous event, thanks for everything Target!

All images are from the talented Kristyna Archer


Ready, Set, TargetStyle!

I am so excited to be part of the Ready, Set TargetStyle event happening this next Thursday where I will go head to head with Dana Weiss of the Possesionista and Yanira Garza in style challenges all centered around the classic button down white shirt. The judges are an esteemed lot, with Ikram Goldman Mickey Boardman and Mary Alice Stephenson. I'll be styling the lovely Azeeza Khan and Jesse Kalin.

RSVP here and come on out to watch the show!
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