Chicago Street Fashion - Leslie

I ran into Leslie, a dear family friend last weekend right around the corner from where I live here in Chicago. What a delightful surprise!

Leslie has been a close friend of my Mother's ever since I can remember. I have wonderful fashion memories of Ms. Leslie throughout the years. Like the time she let me borrow a wack-a-doodle red floral cotton sundress for my Bat Mitzvah party. It was perfect (in an early 90's kind of way) for the lawn party my Mom threw, with a big white tent, a barrel smoker for the  BBQ Brisket and a 3 piece blue grass band (how cool is my mother?!?)

Leslie always looked so chic at my parents parties or get togethers at her place, and she looks amazing here. I'm loving her black and olive green layered ensemble. So hooray for family friends and for chance meetings in Chicago.

This Chicago street style was captured in River North.


New York Street Style - Santogold

Love this look Santogold wore to New York Fashion Week back in February. Those floral print jeans are tight.

This is my favorite Santogold track to date. Have a listen won't you?


Très Awesome is on the Leo Burnett Blog

As you may know, in addition to doing this whole street style thingee I'm also an art director at the ad agency Leo Burnett here in Chicago. They just started a series called LB Sidenotes, about people at the agency that have interesting or creative side projects.  I feel so grateful to work at a place that fully embraces and promotes my passions outside the office. Hooray for Leo.

A huge thanks to the folks that made this all possible, Kyle Obriot (Shooter/Director of Photography), Marco Morales (audio), Drew Wehrle (director of publishing & content), Kim Kauffman (publishing & content editor) and Q Music (soundtrack)

Also big thanks to Sasha and Ross for letting us shoot in their rad vintage shop Kokorokoko. For all who are wondering, they are located at 1112 North Ashland near the Division Blue Line.

Check out Kyle Obriot's awesome side project called Giant System where he makes videos of cool local bands playing in their spaces. And listen to the sweet stylings of DJ Marco Morales on his latest album Stirring the Macaroni.

Chicago Street Style - Annie

Hot tamale! Annie looks ultra chic standing in the most photographed alley in Chicago street style history.

I'm loving Annie's cat eye sunglasses and Top Shop blouse. This Chicago street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


Modern Day Mad Men - The People of Leo Burnett, Part Two

Mad Men is back! The two hour premiere last night on AMC got off to a slow start but finished strong. No spoiler alerts here, just tons of stylish modern day mad men and women.

Yumi Minamikurosawa is an Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett. She is basically the patron saint of fashion at our agency. On any given day you can find her wearing expertly layered minimalist designer clothing that is almost always black on black on black.

Writer Charlotte Haynie (right) Art Director Katie Mellor (left)
In advertising it's commonplace for Art Directors and Writers to work as a team and be assigned to projects together. Katie and Charlotte are adorable on there own and when you put it together it's like cute overload! Katie's style is full of color, pattern and quirky detail while Charlotte likes to play it a little more classic. 

Junior Copy Writer Chad Johnson looks adorable here in his bow tie and tennis shoes.
Trevlin Utz is a Copy Writer at Leo Burnett. He always dresses like 1929 never went out of style, right down to the details. He's wearing a shirt with detachable collar and cuffs, vintage suspenders and a tie pin. Trevlin is committed to his look in a way that I've never encountered (and this is coming from the ultimate clothes horse, moi!) On any given day, you could mistake him for an extra on the set of Boardwalk Empire.

Dan Jividen is a copy writer at Leo Burnett. As you can see from this photo his look is very classic with an edge. Lookin' good my friend.

Robin Laurens is an art director at Leo Burnett who comes to us via the Dublin office. Her effortless up-do is pretty amazing, I'm also digging this skinny jean boot combination.

Guybrush Taylor is an associate creative director at Leo Burnett. This jean on jean ensemble is a bold move but is definitely working for him.

Julia Curry is an intern in the PR department at Leo Burnett. She looks beautiful here in this vintage beaded piece from Morocco.

Eric Schwieger is a copy writer at Leo Burnett. He always wears the coolest cowboy boots. I love the snake skin pair he's wearing here.

Nuno Ferreira is a creative director at Leo Burnett. He's keeping it real in cable knit and shades of blue.

Want to see more stylish ad peeps?

Take a look at part one of Modern Day Mad Men here.

Also check out the big boss Susan Credle lookin' fly in a great pair of yellow harem pants.


Chicago Street Fashion - Two Tone Stockings

For the first time in the history of stockings you don't have to decide what color to wear. Think of the time you'll save :) I have these very same tights from American Apparel in turquoise and gray, although these black and nude ones are far cooler. This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Loop.


Modern Day Mad Men - The People of Leo Burnett, Part One

Bust out your martini glasses and light up a smoke, Mad Men is back for a fifth season after almost a year and a half hiatus. In the run up to the two hour premier this Sunday, I've been snapping photos of my stylish co-workers at Leo Burnett. These real life "mad men and women" were kind enough to take some time out of their busy days to pose for some street style around the Leo Burnett Building in downtown Chicago.

Jeremy Boland is an Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett. Very Don Draper, no? Also, his rad bow tie was actually improvised from a belt.

Taylor Stat is an Account Executive at Leo Burnett. This isn't her first or even second time on Très Awesome. Take a look at her other amazing photos here and here.

Topher Cochrane is a producer at Leo Burnett. I'm loving his purple Raybans and vintage Coach briefcase.

Donna Varichak is a Senior Producer at Leo Burnett.

Her Anna Sui graphic dress paired with the large hounds tooth jacket is too fabulous for words.

Pippa White is an Art Director at Leo Burnett. How cute are these plaid pants and cheeky menswear look?

Kyle Obriot is a Video Editor at Leo Burnett. After watching the Ken's Burns Baseball documentary he picked up this reproduction of a classic jersey from the turn of the century. Score! Check out the cool company he founded called Giant System that makes motion pictures of bands playing their songs in their spaces. Also take a look at this adorable video he made with Tavi as she packed for New York Fashion Week.

Alisa Wolfson is a Design Director at Leo Burnett. She's looks beautiful in her simple trench and Alexander Wang purse. 
Audrey Huber is an Account Executive at Leo Burnett. She also has an amazing personal style blog called A Lovely Escape. Audrey has been featured on Très Awesome a ton of times. Take a look at her most memorable moments  here and here.
Lamar Land is a digital strategist for the multi-cultural agency Tapestry. I love how he's mixing color here. Turns out  blue, black, brown and purple look great together.

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of my "Modern Day Mad Men" series early next week after the premiere!

Also check out our fearless leader Susan Credle, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett in the most amazing pair of MC Hammer Pants the world has ever seen.


Modern Day Mad Men - Susan Credle

The fifth season of the AMC series Mad Men starts again this Sunday. To celebrate, I'll be showcasing the fabulous style of some real “mad men and women” whom I work with at the legendary advertising agency Leo Burnett.

Susan Credle, the Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett USA, seemed like the perfect place to start. She has incredible  personal style and there are striking parallels between her career and that of the show's plucky copywriter, Peggy Olson.

Like Peggy, Credle started out as a secretary at the real-life agency BBDO New York. Over the course of 24 years, she worked her way up to executive creative director. Perhaps this is how Mad Men will end with Peggy taking over and moving to Chicago?!

When I asked Susan if she had a favorite outfit or item of clothing that made her feel powerful, she said that she dresses depending on how she feels that day, or for a particular client or brand. This is really what personal style is all about: self-expression and communication.

Now can we please talk about these INSANE-O pants for a minute?! Susan got them in Japan on Harajuku street, an area of Tokyo made famous for its over-the-top street fashion. When I saw her, I initially thought they were some kind of wacky high-end couture garment, but it turns out she got them for a whopping 3000 yen (about 30 American dollars).

Fashion is all about taking risks, and this is a big one. However, I think it's well played. She looks edgy, comfortable and incredibly chic. And I'm not just saying this because she's the big boss :)


Chicago Street Style - Samm Mackin

Samm is an Editor at Laundry Magazine and serious design talent. He is currently finishing his final collection in Columbia College's fashion program. This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.


Chicago Street Style - Ji

This photo was originally published on Racked.com
Yes, this Alexander Wang jacket was probably made by the slaves he keeps in his sweatshop in Manhattan.  But can we really blame him for chaining his workers to their sewing machines for 90+ hours a week. I mean, look at what a great job they do.
I heart these Jeremy Scott x Adidas work boots. They are positively minimalist when compared with the other pair I shot from the collection a couple of weeks ago.

This Chicago street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


Chicago Street Style - Amanda Thomas

This Saturday Amanda Thomas, founder of the crazy cool accessories line LUV AJ was in the Windy City for a trunk show at Sofia. Amanda is wearing a radical body chain of her own design and an out-of-this-world sweater by Phillip Lim 3.1

Amanda (like yours truly) clearly doesn't believe in the notion of "too much".

If one of these numbers strikes your fancy head on over to Sofia (72 East Oak Street) to check out the whole collection.


Chicago Street Style - Dapper Man

I spotted this fellow yesterday afternoon on my way to meet a friend. He was a little shy at first, but finally agreed to let me capture this incredible look. The wide shouldered belted motorcycle jacket paired with the multiple checked patterns looks edgy and classic at the same time. The saddle shoes are definitely the piece de resistance of this look.

My favorite part of our encounter was after we had said our goodbyes he informed me that I was lucky to snap his picture because he "usually doesn't pose for photos, well not with his clothes on at least!"

This Chicago street style was captured in the Gold Coast.

Chicago Street Style - Stone Cold Silver Fox

I found this striking woman on a stroll with her husband a couple of Sundays ago. I love her round framed glasses and messy silver updo. Très Chic.

This Chicago street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


New York Street Style - Lina Plioplyte

Wowza! Get a load of those peepers. Lina Plioplyte (pronounced plyopleeté] is a Lithuanian-born videographer living in New York. Check out her cute website entitled Teenage Peanut Productions full of great work for Garance DoreNylon and Advanced Style.


Modcloth Guest Blog - Chic Geek

I recently did a guest post on the Modcloth Blog on lovely ladies with nerdy jobs.

Hallie Wilson is a marketing analyst by day and the woman behind Corals + Cognacs at night. She looks adorable here in her black framed glasses and bright red jacket.

Digital producer and all around badass Joie Mitkinson looks amazing, (as per usual) in fur and mixed animal prints. RAWR. Joie also has an excellent blog called Threadphones

Click on over to the Modcloth blog to see all the super chic geeks.


Designer Spotlight - Jennifer Chun

I met designer Jennifer Chun when she was in town for an appearance at the cool Bucktown boutique P45

A Midwest girl, (just like myself) Jennifer originally hales from Troy, Ohio. She was charming, incredibly down to earth and fun to chat with and take pictures of.

Her latest ready-to-wear collection is all about juxtaposition and unexpected proportions. Like this interesting take on a classic shirt dress.

I love Jennifer's orange  socks with these lace up Burberry boots. Lucky girl with her skinny legs and all. I would never be able to pull of this look.

Also check out the Q&A Mark Shale did with her while she was in town.

You can find Jennifer Chun clothing at both P45 and Mark Shale stores in Chicago.
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