Chicago Street Style - Todd Clemmer

Todd is the lead singer of the band The Take Back Kings. They totally rock, but don't take my word for it, check out this track from their latest album

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.


Chicago Street Fashion - Molly

Molly works at Robin Richman (2108 N. Damen). It is without a doubt one of the coolest shops in the city. They carry a range of small interesting designers and rare vintage accessories. If you haven't already go visit them immediately! Molly is wearing a Rick Owens dress and Sophisticated Science necklace. Apparently she had a mind meld when getting that dressed that morning with co-worker Jackie (who I featured last week.)

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This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Bucktown. 


Chicago Street Fashion - Buns of Glory

I spotted this woman while riding the bus down Milwaukee Avenue and seriously considered just getting off at whatever stop she did. Luckily we had a common destination and she kindly agreed to pose for a little street style action.

Here's the short of it. Her makeup is stunning, her outfit is perfect, and her hair is glorious. Can you tell I like this look?

I'm really digging the subtle mixture of darks in this ensemble. The navy, dark grey, black and brown all together, with a little pop of red from the bag is lovely. Also noteworthy is the contrasting textures of the over-size white scarf with the fur collar of the coat. Well done lady.

Now back to that beautiful ballerina bun. All you long-locked readers should DEFINITELY try this at home. Heres a nifty tutorial to show you how.

Thanks to Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine at the Beauty Department for letting me post this video!

The aforementioned Chicago street style fashion was captured in Bucktown and originally appeared on  Refinery29


Chicago Street Fashion - Faux Sho

Love this crazy combination of faux fur and graphic striped jeans. Nice work lady.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in (you guessed it...) Wicker Park


Chicago Street Fashion - Maxwell

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.


Chicago Street Fashion - Pendelton Cape

Sheer unadulterated joy. It's a rare, but welcome bird on the pages of Très Awesome. Not that the people I post here aren't happy, it's just striking a pose and looking giddy just often don't go hand in hand. BTW this is Michelle, and she looks lovely. I found her shopping on Chicago Avenue with a friend. I want her Pendelton cape, badly. 

Michelle is our newest look of the week on facebook. Take a look at her photo on the Très Awesome fan page and click the likey likey button while your at it (smiley face).

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast and originally appeared on Refinery 29

Chicago Street Fashion - Jackie

Turns out Rick Owens works in any kind of weather. Especially Chicago snow! Jackie works at Robin Richman (2108 N. Damen) and is wearing a Sophisticated Science necklace and cute vintage Chippewa boots. As previously mentioned her asymetrical dress is Rick Owens.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Bucktown.


Chicago Street Fashion - Sweater Mania

I ran into Jason and his friend this weekend at the six corners looking all adorable in their rad sweaters, which I seriously covet.  I took a photo of Jason last year around this time wearing the same military style Marc Jacobs jacket, but styled much differently. Have a look at the photo here.

These Chicago street style fashions were captured in Wicker Park.


Chicago Street Fashion - Siberia

This is how cold it is in Chicago right now. End of story.

These mega-fur mittens will keep your paws warm AND are great for taking a loaf of banana bread out of the oven. #winning

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.


Chicago Street Fashion - Natalie

This photo was originally published on Refinery29
Now this is how you do Winter in Chicago without becoming clinically depressed.  Natalie picked up her super styley patterned coat coat at Urban Outfitters.
This is Natalie's favorite ring. It looks AWESOME with this outfit.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.


Chicago Street Fashion - Go Green

Green is my favorite color in the entire world, so it goes without saying that I'm in love with this entire matchy-matchy ensemble. Want to steal this woman's teal faux fur hat? There's no need to resort to a life of crime, because you can get your very own at Topshop (Although it looks like they only have the purple varietal left online.)

This woman takes her color coordination VERY seriously, right down to her manicure. I also love wearing a bunch of slightly different shades from the same color family, you really can't go wrong with this effect. Give it a whirl tomorrow, I guarantee you'll feel like a million bucks!

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.


Chicago Street Fashion - The Divine Ms. M

I spotted Ms. M sauntering down the street from about a block away this weekend. How could I miss her in that spectacular huge fur hat. Also, can we talk about her jacket, the silhouette is so unique.  It's a vintage Giorgio Armani men's suit jacket from the 80's.  The quality of Ms. M's personal style is well worn, thoughtful and casually glamorous. She is without a doubt one of the most stylish women I have ever photographed in Chicago.

I love how she's paired these Marni wedges with the forest green tights.

When I ran into Ms. M she was on her way to Barneys to pick up some sunglasses. I couldn't resist strolling with her for a bit to gab about fashion and style and take a picture of her in what turned out to be an AMAZING pair of  Karen Walker Soul Club Fluro Orange shades.

Ms. M is our look of the week on facebook (duh!). Go on over and check her out and while your there, like us!

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.

Miami Street Style - Jared Hatch

Jared Hatch is the editor of Racked Chicago the city's de facto guide to shopping. Whether he's giving us the inside scoop on the grand opening of Ikram with live tweets from a  lunch with Nick Cave and Ikram Goldman herself or keeping us abreast of the rock bottom price of candy corn at Walgreens (27 cents!),  Racked Chicago has their finger on the pulse of Chicago's shopping scene.

While hanging in Miami over the holidays I got the chance to spend some quality time with Jared. We drank WAY too much in South Beach and then hung poolside at  The Standard Miami where this photo was taken.

Even when in Miami Jared represents our fair city with his Oliver Peoples limited edition Chicago aviator shades. Looking good Mr. Hatch.

Chicago Street Fashion - Allison

I ran into Allison while she was visiting  the Museum of Contemporary Art. She looks cool and relaxed in her layered look. I just love her beat up white leather tote - Très Cool. Allison is an LA based jewelery designer. Check out her work at artasan.com

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.


Music Festival Street Style - Holy Ship!

I recently found myself setting sail on Holy Ship an electronic music festival held aboard a Caribbean Cruise ship. It was fun, surreal, exhausting, and did I say fun (it was very fun.)

DJ Gina Turner was one of the surprise high points of the line up. Her set was a mix of live singing and spun records, plus she looked AMAZING doing it. 

This neon Cambridge Bag is always a winner in my book. 
The other major highlight of the lineup was the amazingly talented group Buraka Som Sistema from Portugal. They play an interpretation of Angolan techno called Kuduro. Download their music here and turn your living room into an insta-disco 

On a mildly scary note (Particularly in light of the Italian cruise tragedy, in which 6 people died and many remain missing) our boat ran onto a coral reef and was stuck for about 12 hours off the coast of the Bahamas. However unlike the Italian shipwreck, nothing terrible happened, in fact the party just continued on. The only evidence that anything was awry were some vibrations that briefly awoke my boyfriend and I from our slumber around 5 am (which turned out to be tugboats trying to pry the ship free) and the empty pool that they drained in attempts to lighten the load.  Turns out God is an electronic music fan.


The Best of 2011 on Très Awesome

Here's a round up of my favorite shots from the past year. Capturing all this street style can really wear a girl out, so I'll be on vacation in a tropical environment for the next week without my laptop (GASP). These 35 shots should be enough styley styles to tide you over till my next post. So without further a do I give you the crème de la crème of Très Awesome street style from 2011.
Blogger Cindy Ko of Cindiddy in Stella McCartney at New York Fashion Week
Audrey of a Lovely Escape in Eugenia Kim

Designer Ashley Scott in Drapes
Designer Elyse Marie Vieni
Blogger Mellisa of OMG Unicorns!
Street style photographer Karl Edwin Guerre
Andrea Estrella of Twin Sister
Caroline Casey of For Like Now
Designer Christina Fan of C/FAN

Stylist and writer April Francis
Olivia Palermo
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