The Devils in the Details: Summer Shoes

As a long-time shoe enthusiast and Chicago street style photographer I love me a good wedge platform sandal. These are some of the finest examples I've come across this season. Even though the last pair are neither wedges or sandals they are so summery, with the woven rattan material I just had to put them with this group.


Chicago Street Style: Zoe

This photo was originally published on Refinery29
This is Chicago street style at it's finest. I love her relaxed and elegant look. Good work Zoe.

Sneak Peak Inside the New Ikram

Ok, so they wouldn't let me take pictures inside the store so this is actually a sneak peak OUTSIDE the new Ikram at 15 East Huron. The store itself resembles a gigantic red bento box, full of  fashionable delights. Some of the more lovely things I saw were a collection of rare vintage bakelite bracelets and a white Givenchy gown (aka my future wedding dress). I also stumbled onto the black Comme de Garcons clutch that was pictured earlier this week in the hands of Alicia. You can see the inside of the store and Ikram Goldman and Nick Cave having a nosh at Racked.com 
I met the lovely Brandon Frein co-founder of twentythirtyforty at the shop. If you haven't already, go check out all the fabulous items and BEAUTIFUL editorial photography on their site

Brandon is wearing a capelet by Marc Le Bihan from Robin Richman and a dope Sophmore t-shirt with a young(pre-heroin) Keith Richards on it.
Brandon's Marni bag looks delicious against the Ikram red. Her pants are Vanessa Bruno Athe fromtwentythirtyforty
She bought a pair of Robert Clergerie shoes and wore them right out of the store (a woman after my own heart) Brandon also picked up a pair of Zero + Maria Cornejo pants from Ikram.
I love these cicada earrings by Erica Weiner that Brandon is wearing. You can get your very own pair at Hazel at 1902 West Montrose in Chicago.

Go to Ikram and gaze at the gorgeous goods. If your feeling flush buy something! You can also eat food upstairs, if it's lunchtime.


Chicago Street Style: Kristine

Kristine looks beautiful with her soft wavy side swiped hair and crisp white blouse.  I love how the knotted chain of her purse looks like a military
This photo was originally published on Refinery29
Kristine's attention to detail is just remarkable. The floral sunglasses reference the print on the pants, but not in an overtly matchy way. Her bangles, delicate leaf earrings and belt hit just the right summer time note.

Kristine is a style blogger in Chicago but I lost her card. If you can ID her please let me know her site so I can link up. It would be much appreciated.


Win a $100 Gift Card to AllSaints Spitalfields

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Chicago Street Style: Alicia

I found Alicia yesterday in the park at the Logan Square Music Series. From the Sonic Youth T-shirt to the rad Karen Walker shades, her outfit is rock and roll all the way. Listen to Sonic Youth's Kool Thing  while picking out your perfect frame at Karen Walker.  Good luck deciding, the entire collection is out of this world.

I love Alicia's simple COMME des GARÇONS clutch, and her arm candy is equally delightful. The heavy Moschino Cheap and Chic bracelet is balanced perfectly by her delicate organic wrist tie.

Chicago Street Style: Ian

I found Ian in the Gold Coast on his way to work at Jack Spade.
He looks dapper in frames from See and a shirt from you guessed it, Jack Spade. Ian is having a bit of a run on Chicago street style blogs. He was also recently featured on Amy Creyer's Chicago Street Style in her round-up of hot CTA commuters.

Gotta love a man in pink pants. Ian's are from Rugby Ralph Lauren.
These vintage shoes are classic.
This is the second rad timex watch I have posted in the last week. Take a look at the brown version here.


Tavi Gevison at Pitchfork Music Festival

Last Saturday I was backstage at Pitchfork, resting my dogs and contemplating calling it quits for the day when I saw a tiny, stylish woman from the back making her way to the other stage. I thought, what the heck, and ran after her. To my surprise and delight it turned out to be none other than 15 year old style blogger extraordinaire Tavi Gevison of The Style Rookie

When Tavi isn't doing normal teenage things like attending music festivals with friends she can often be found doing the extraordinary. At the moment she's co-writing a book about her life with Marisa Meltzer  with contributions from Miranda July and the Rodarte Sisters.

Her favorite bands from Saturday were Thurston Moore (former front man of Sonic Youth) and Neko Case

Tavi is wearing shoes from her "friends Mom" and a t-shirt in homage to the song Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It) by fictive band Big Fun from the movie Heathers. I probably watched that movie 100 times back in highschool. I was totally obsessed.

You're probably asking yourself "what's in that brown paper bag Tavi?" Well I'll tell you. It's the album Colour Green by Sibylle Baier.

Baier is a German actress whose musical talents were given late recognition in 2006 with the release of this album comprised of folk songs Sibylle recorded in the 1970s. Have a listen to the title track, it's hauntingly beautiful.

Look of the Week: Audrey

Audrey is the epitome of hippie chic with her dreaded out hair-do and round Ray Ban shades.

I love the asymmetry of this outfit, the half shirt and floral skirt with the train look so cool together. Audrey got her cool summer rattan tote from her mama. Coincidentally I have almost the same one from my Mom in earth tones.
Natty Dread!


Chicago Street Style: Chelsea of Sofia Vintage

Chelsea looks super hot in this rocker inspired look. She works at  Sofia Vintage in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. Chelsea is wearing a Cut-out blouse from Nastygal and vintage Levi cutoffs from Sofia Vintage.
Chelsea's boots are Jeffery Campbell
How amazing is this ring?! It looks like a piece of armor from the medieval collection at the Art Institute. Get your very own at Sofia Vintage, of course.


Pitchfork Artist: EMA

EMA rocks. Literally. Born Erika M. Anderson, her set on the first day of Pitchfork was tough, brooding and AWESOME.

EMA is wearing a shirt from Mary Meyer, cut off sweat pant shorts, tights "from the mall" and vintage shoes.

Check out EMA's song California

EMA - California (Official Video) from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

Pitchfork Music Festival Street Style for Elle.com

Festival season in Chicago is my favorite time of year. Summer's in full swing and it's a great excuse to hang with friends, drink beer in the sun and listen to live music. Also there's absoloutely no better place in Chicago to scout street style. This year I had the great honor to capture the festival's stylish attendees for Elle.com. Take a look at all of my Pitchfork street style shots at Elle

Look Ma, I'm on the home page of Elle.com!

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the Pitchfork Music Festival. Look for more in the days to come.

Chicago Street Style: Twin Skull Bracelets

These two photos were taken within an hour of one another on two different women. Talk about a coincidence! These ladies are clearly accessory soul mates and should definitely get married, or at the very least fist bump.
Jackie from the lovely boutique Sofia Vintage rocks her skull with a cute friendship bracelet and leather spike cuff. You can pick up this skull bracelet by Robin Lynn at Sofia Vintage
Jena Gambaccini member of The Style Tribe and  the woman behind Chi City Fashion wears her skull bracelet with a similar spiked cuff and fancy town usa Bulgari watch. She got her skull bracelet from The Possesionista

See Jena's entire ensemble on Laundry Magazine's profile on me "A Day in the Life of Très Awesome"

Chicago Street Style: Alexis Cozzini of Sarca

Alexis is the owner of the very cool Gold Coast Boutique Sarca. She looks divine here in her Nicole Miller Jumpsuit with her beautiful dog Enzo.
Columbian Woven Bangles via Todd Anthony. Alexis says she may have these in the store soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Enzo is just too darn cute, these Tania Spinelli shoes aint bad either!

See more from this photo shoot at Laundry Magazine in the profile piece they did on me "A Day in the Life of Très Awesome"

Très Awesome profiled in Laundry Magazine

I recently spent the day with Laundry Magazine editor Samm Mackin and intern Margaret Smilowitz as they shadowed me for their profile piece "A Day In the Life Of Très Awesome". We had a great time scouting style, stuffing our faces with lox and bagels and gabbing about fashion and Chicago street style. I initially intended for this piece to be a round-up of the entire day, however there are just too many great shots for one post. I'll be featuring individuals from throughout the day in separate posts but wanted to give you a look at the fabulous style of of both Sam and Maragaret and a look at one DELICIOUS lox platter!
Here we are at West Fest in the Ukranian Village, scouting for cool tribal jewelry.
This lox platter was to die for. Courtesy of Sable Kitchen and Bar.
Editor Samm Mackin strikes a pose in some rad plaid and Lanvin for H&M shades. Margaret looks fabulous with her aztec print pants and Balenciaga Bag.


The Devils in the Details: Pitchfork 2011

Dope carved wood necklace by Maybe So. You can buy this and other cool items, including t-shirts and bags that read "I Fucking Love Kittens" on their Etsy Shop,
Dooney and Burke rocked the cool way. As a fanny pack.
Even if Très Awesome wasn't partnering with AllSaints Spitallfields, I would have posted this T-shirt. It's super cool.
Same goes for this photo. This woman is wearing an AllSaints dress and an insano coyote jawbone necklace from Sin is Pretty

This Minor Threat fanny pack would probably kick the shit of the Dooney and Burke one pictured above. Or at least call it names.  So punk rock. Literally.

Just the tip. A little glitter goes a long way.
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