Accessorizing with a Toothpick

This man exemplifies what I love about street style fashion. His outfit is perfectly fine, but certainly not a standout. It's his comfort, confidence and ease in his clothes and skin that make him look incredibly unique and interesting.  That and the fact that he's using a toothpick as an accessory! Also, if you look closely you can see that he is wearing a jean blazer underneath that leather jacket. Which makes a certified jean on jean situation known in some circles as the Canadian Tuxedo.


  1. Toothpicks can also act as dental floss. Using it after each meal keeps your dental hygiene.

  2. Toothpicks can only not add swag in your style, but it can keep your teeth healthy. I have to agree with the previous comment, toothpicks can also act as a dental floss.

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  3. I have to agree with the previous comments. Toothpick can not only be a fashion piece but a good floss as well that will make your teeth healthy. I love the styling by the way.

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  4. Using toothpicks to remove hard to reach food residue is ideal. However, I'm not sure if my dentists in Myrtle Beach SC would be happy to see someone nibbling or biting on a toothpick. The constant 'biting' on the toothpick can weaken the protective cover of the teeth similar to grinding.

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