Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty

I ran into the delightful Natalie Suarez a bunch of times while in Austin. Here she is outside the Boost Case BCBG party. Her friend, photographer Kelsea Kosko actually took the most beautiful snaps of her and Austin on Natalie Off Duty clickety clack on over and have a look. Also check out the adorable photo I took of Natalie on Teen Vogue 



Yumi Minamikurosawa at Monique Meloche Gallery

I bumped into Yumi at the Monique Meloche Gallery for a Cities in Dust Trunk Show. We used to work together at the same company but not on the same projects so we didn't really know each other. Then my desk got moved next to hers and I was elated, because OBVIOUSLY we were about to be best friends. Right about then she got a cooler job (of course) at a different company and my dreams of being office besties evaporated. Loved seeing her around town though ;)

Yumi is proving to everyone in the world that yes, you can definitely wear brown with black. Especially if it's Fendi. Love how the setting sun created this lazy haze around the photo.

I've taken Yumi's photo before while we were still working at Leo Burnett together. Check out the photos here.


Molly Austin of Emotistyle

Molly Austin is a comedian and one half of the rad website Emotistyle. Her and her partner Shamikah Martinez answer questions their viewers submit, like "What should I wear to my sisters wedding?" or "I have to interview my crush of 3 years, any advice?!?" The videos that they create are stylish, hilarious, weird and helpful. They also sing in some of them like this Halloween themed clip "Things You Can Be on Halloween Besides Naked"

I met Molly at SXSW in Austin (no relation) where she was tagging along with her friends The Dolls who were playing a string of shows. I love Molly's fantastic floral print Opening Ceremony Dress. The longer hem in the back is such a great detail.

Obviously the show stopper of this outfit is the rubber chicken purse, which Molly picked up in a hotel gift shop (could you imagine someone coming back from a trip with this little souvenir?!) It kind of sums up Emotisyle as a reference to the classic comic gag the rubber chicken but it's a purse. GET IT?!

Speaking of poultry, I was talking with my dear friend Debbie Mudd over drinks last night and she was telling me about her recent quest to coin a personal catch phrase. After a couple of weeks of long hard work inspiration struck in the form of an auto-correct. So her new catch phrase is (drumroll please) "Keep Chicken"!  Used much like "Keep Truckin" but way funnier.

Ok, back to Emotistyle. Have a look at this video they made featuring some cute clothes from Prabal Gurung for Target and some sweet word play.


White Mystery at SXSW

I ran into brother and sister Alex and Francis White of the rocking band White Mystery in Austin at the Chicago Mixtape Party as they were finishing up playing one of their many shows at SXSW.

They're on tour for the next couple of months so you may be able to catch them as they make their way across the country. See their schedule here.


SXSW Street Style 2013 Roundup Part 1

SXSW 2013 has come to an end but we can still feast our eyes on the miles of style I captured over the past week...

My lovely friend Elise Francis manages the very cool band JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound 
I ran into her randomly on the street as she was arriving in Austin, check out the other photo I took of her at the Chicago Mixtape party later in the week on Elle.com

Joanna Wilkinson is a fellow street style photographer that I ran into many times on the streets of Austin, primarily because she caught my eye with her rad outfits. Check out her website Keep Austin Stylish for more cool SXSW style.


Alexa Chung at SXSW

I ran into the lovely Alexa Chung down at SXSW as she was wearing a Liberty of London x J.Crew blouse and a jumper of her own design.

The Dolls at SXSW

Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe are The Dolls. I caught them down at SXSW this year as they played the ASOS party, which they totally rocked.

Caitlin's incredible fringe dress is Moschino over Opening Ceremony Shorts.

Mia Moretti looks super fly here in her Missoni Sun Hat and Vena Cava Jumper.


SXSW Style - In the Valley Below

How amazing does the band In the Valley Below look here at SXSW? Very.

Also, perhaps more importantly they totally rock. Check out their video below for Palm Tree Fire...

SXSW Street Style - Boots with Studs

SXSW Style - Man on the Street

SXSW Street Style - Friends

Mallory Culbert and Stylist Sarah Ellison Lewis outside of the premiere party of This is Where We Live a film directed by Josh Barrett and Marc Menchaca and styled by none other than Ms. Lewis.

Sarah also has the most adorable boot shop called Bootleg that's located in an airstream trailer at 1318 South Congress Avenue in Austin. If you're in town it's a must visit!
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