Corey in the Gold Coast

Lexi on Michigan Avenue

I love the Russian feel to this ensemble! I took this picture of Lexi on one of the coldest days to date in Chicago. She is wearing stockings, but still, you’ve got to give it up to this woman for her DEEP commitment to this sexy look. The over-the-knee boots and mini-skirt look great on her and she clearly knows how to work it for the camera.


Train Trackz: Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style

Photos and words by Jeff Canzona
JEFF: “This is sort of silly, but I was wondering if I could take your picture for a fashion blog.”
AMY: “Which one?”
JEFF: “TresAwesome.com”
AMY: “I do ChicagoStreetStyle.com”

With mad style like that, of course you do, Amy. 
Mad colorblocking. A crazy awesome african necklace. A ginormous green jade ring against a green suede purse. And Givenchy jellies to boot. Pun totally intended. Thank you, Amy, for giving the Chicago stop a lot more Street Style. No word on what she was listening to, her iPhone died. It probably couldn’t keep up with that outfit.

Check out Amy Creyer's radical site Chicago Street Style for more fabulous Chicago Street Fashion.


I Think I'll Go To The Bahamas Tomorrow

I am off for a delicious long weekend of rum drinks and dolphin interactions. I will be on the look out for tropical fashion and will report back on these pages. If I see any sharks, hopefully Jerry Hall circa 1984 will be straddling it in this HOT tank suit and stilettos.


Chicago Looks Street Style Show at Heaven Gallery

We are thrilled to be included in the upcoming Chicago Looks Photography Exhibit! Come to the opening on Feb 4th from 7 to 11 pm at Heaven Gallery in Wicker Park 1550 N. Milwaukee - 2nd floor (close to the Damen blue line station).


Sasha from the truly Radical Boutique Kokorokoko

 Sasha owns Kokorokoko, a boutique specializing in vintage clothing with an "80s edge and a 90s vibe". It's located in the Ukranian Village Neighborhood of Chicago at 1112 N Ashland. Not in Chicago? Fear not, she also has an Etsy store where you can get some truly unusual and fashionable gems. I absoloutely love the outfit she has put together here, the muted colors and natural finishes look really great with her graphic t-shirt.

Check out the disco version of this shot at Chicago Streetsyle Scene


The Man of a Thousand Looks in an Alexander McQueen Sweater

I am not the biggest fan of the McQueen skull motif, but I love how it's incoporated into this oversized sweater.

These chain-link gloves are outrageously cool!

Here he is again in an another AMAZING ensemble and totally different look. So different that I didn't  realize I had taken his photo twice. I put two and two together when I was flipping through my old shots and saw his photo from the Lanvin H&M event. I would kill to see the inside of his closet!

The Gaudy God Channels Black Beard and Vivian Westwood

Matt Kasin (aka The Gaudy God) takes a break from drinking Mimosas to pose for me on the street. Matt designed a fabulous window display for "Nacho Your Grannies Panties, an in-shop vintage shopping party hosted by Eskell with Kokorokoko & Chicago Chitown Vintage. The party continues tomorrow from 12-5.

Outside of Eskell in Wicker Park

Benjamin Bradshaw (aka Sisterman Vintage) is looking very Newport Beach outside of the Eskell shopping event Nacho Grannie's Panties.

In another Sisterman related news, he is presenting SPACE TRASH 2000 with the Gaudy God & Haus of Pluto Go and dance your face off!



Amy in an Insane Mongolian Wool Coat

I ran into Amy, of Chicago Streetstyle Scene, yesterday while out and about on a photo hunt. We shot some of the same folks.  I actually think her street style photos turned out better so check them out here. We had some tea and basked in the glow of our respective furs. Amy just bought hers in Arkansas(of all places) for the bargain basement price of $150. Fashion is all about taking risks, and Amy is certainly throwing all caution to the wind here.  I was wearing this great Theory fur vest which I am getting a lot of mileage out of this winter as a layering piece.


The Crème de la Crème from 2010

Here's a roundup of my favorite shots from the year...
Diane Pernet from A Shaded View of Fashion

Benjamin Bradshaw of Sisterman Vintage


Maggie in Curlers on NYE

Getting cute to go out on the town! I actually kind of love this look as is...

Purple Leather Gloves and a Whole Lotta Chutzpah

Excuse me sir, what's in that enormous garment bag? Oh, another fur coat? Why of course it is. I love that he just completely went for it with the matching accessories. He looks a little like a debonair comic book villain that has just picked up his dry-cleaning.


Blinging in the New Year

2010 has been a great year for Trés Awesome thanks to my readers and the dazzling style of the people I have photographed on the street. This Blingee is for you! Here's to a fabulous and fashionable 2011 overflowing with champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

blinging in the new year
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