Modern Day Mad Men - The People of Leo Burnett, Part Two

Mad Men is back! The two hour premiere last night on AMC got off to a slow start but finished strong. No spoiler alerts here, just tons of stylish modern day mad men and women.

Yumi Minamikurosawa is an Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett. She is basically the patron saint of fashion at our agency. On any given day you can find her wearing expertly layered minimalist designer clothing that is almost always black on black on black.

Writer Charlotte Haynie (right) Art Director Katie Mellor (left)
In advertising it's commonplace for Art Directors and Writers to work as a team and be assigned to projects together. Katie and Charlotte are adorable on there own and when you put it together it's like cute overload! Katie's style is full of color, pattern and quirky detail while Charlotte likes to play it a little more classic. 

Junior Copy Writer Chad Johnson looks adorable here in his bow tie and tennis shoes.
Trevlin Utz is a Copy Writer at Leo Burnett. He always dresses like 1929 never went out of style, right down to the details. He's wearing a shirt with detachable collar and cuffs, vintage suspenders and a tie pin. Trevlin is committed to his look in a way that I've never encountered (and this is coming from the ultimate clothes horse, moi!) On any given day, you could mistake him for an extra on the set of Boardwalk Empire.

Dan Jividen is a copy writer at Leo Burnett. As you can see from this photo his look is very classic with an edge. Lookin' good my friend.

Robin Laurens is an art director at Leo Burnett who comes to us via the Dublin office. Her effortless up-do is pretty amazing, I'm also digging this skinny jean boot combination.

Guybrush Taylor is an associate creative director at Leo Burnett. This jean on jean ensemble is a bold move but is definitely working for him.

Julia Curry is an intern in the PR department at Leo Burnett. She looks beautiful here in this vintage beaded piece from Morocco.

Eric Schwieger is a copy writer at Leo Burnett. He always wears the coolest cowboy boots. I love the snake skin pair he's wearing here.

Nuno Ferreira is a creative director at Leo Burnett. He's keeping it real in cable knit and shades of blue.

Want to see more stylish ad peeps?

Take a look at part one of Modern Day Mad Men here.

Also check out the big boss Susan Credle lookin' fly in a great pair of yellow harem pants.


  1. Wonderful! Trevlin and Yumi are real stars. I can see why she's the patron saint of fashion in the office.

    1. Hey Lauren! Thanks for checking this out :) You should see the missoni skirt Yumi is wearing right now, of course it's shades of grey, but AMAZING.

  2. Yes! I love everyone's uniqueness here. But I am now a fan of Yumi and Trev as well. Their style is just straight-up dope!!!!!! A Model of Individuality at it's finest!!!!!!


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