Graham Kostic

I caught up with Graham Kostic, creative director of Glossed and Found when he came out to shoot do a little crafting with me for their spring issue.  Can't wait to reveal the video and project we worked on later this month.


Coffee Talk with Warby Parker & Collective Quarterly

I met up with Seth Putnam, at Intelligentsia in Logan Square a couple of weeks ago to talk about his latest venture Collective Quarterly, a magazine that examines the creative spirit through craftsmanship and travel.

Seth Shared one of his favorite spreads from issue "0" of the magazine where they explore in and around Marfa Texas.

Urban texture outside in Logan Sqaure.

You can preview the entire first issue online here, although this is the kind of magazine best felt in your hand (also the type is way too small to read in the demo!) You can purchase the for real deal here.

Seth is wearing Warby Parker's Chandler in Whiskey Tortoise.

The YCDBSOYA tie clip is from Seth's Grandfather and amazingly stands for "You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass". Which is very true.

Collective Quarterly — Issue Ø: Marfa from Collective Quarterly on Vimeo.

 I talked to two other fabulous people in the Warby Parker Cofee Talk Series.

Take a look at them here

Britt Julious at Caffe Streets in Wicker Park

Meagan Fredette at The Bourgeois Pig in Lincoln Park


Stephanie of Glitterary

I had a chance to catch up with the delightful and mega talented photographer Stephanie of Glitterary last week when she came up for a visit in Oak Park. She looks super glam here in a green camo jacket and aviator glasses.

Also, these neon shoes are everything!

What I love the most about these photos (Aside from the obvious about Stephanie looking amazing and the dumb snow melting in the background) is that I took them all while carrying my darling babe Adeline in a baby Bjorn!!!


Coffee Talk with Warby Parker & Latterstyle

I've teamed  recently teamed up with the Warby Parker to profile the style of some fabulous Chicagoans wearing frames from their Spring collection. First up in this three part series is Meagan Fredette of the blog Latterstyle. I met up with her at the legendary Northside cafe The Bourgeois Pig  for a cuppa and some victorian inspired fashion.

Meagan is wearing the Watts Frames in Plum Marble.

I adore these slightly beat up Rag and Bone floral booties. What's the point of having fabulous shoes if you don't really wear 'em right?!

Love this fabulous Venessa Arizaga skull bracelet.

The Bourgeois Pig has a framed oil painting of Lincoln which Meagan chronicled for Instagram posterity (it actually happened to be President's Day when we shot this). Her instagram is a beautiful goth dream. You should definitely follow her here.
I talked to two other fabulous people in the Warby Parker Cofee Talk Series.

Take a look at them here

Seth Putnam at Intelligentsia Coffee in Logan Square 

Britt Julious at Cafe Streets in Wicker Park


Recipe: Red Wine Honey Bundt Cake

If it involves red wine, I'm in :) I came across an interesting looking recipe on the New York Times website entitled Red Wine Honey Cake with plums some time ago, and we recently did a sweet honey DIY craft project with honey bear containers and so had ALOT of extra honey on hand, so I decided to test out the NYT recipe with some adjustments.

Read the whole recipe by clicking the link below!



I ran into Khaleed in Wicker Park over the weekend. The temperature was a whopping 40 degrees which in Chiberia is basically tropical and warrants a no jacket sweater only policy ;) Khaleed looks super sweet in this cardigan with the leather patches and matching cords. Nice work sir.


New York Street Style

I heart this woman's Margo Tennebaum vibe with the fur coat. Also her Miu Miu sunglasses are lovely.



La La Lavendar (Or Don't Get My Celine Wet)

Masterful layering in the worst weather ever. Kudos to this lovely lady.
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