New York Street Style - Hanneli

Gorgeous Hanneli Mustaparta  during New York Fashion Week. I'm in love with those blue gingham earrings.


Chicago Street Style - Jeremy Scott x Adidas

God bless America. These winged Jeremy Scott for Adidas kicks with the old glory motif are INSANE and awesome.

This is the first (and probably last time) you'll see someone wearing a sweat suit on Très Awesome. This however isn't your average sweat suit. This crazy concoction is from the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Collaboration.

Want your very own bullet riddled sweat suit and American flag winged sneakers? Get these and tons more choice gear at LDRS on 672 N. Wells St.


Chicago Street Style - Gorgeous Ikram Shopgirl

Wowza. I saw this mama from across the street just as the light turned red, trapping me on the other side of the street. Just as I was contemplating making a run for it into head on traffic, she stopped on the corner searching for her lost cell phone. Thank goodness.

Turns out this dear creature works at Ikram, the famed Chicago boutique the New York Times describes as  "not so much a temple of high fashion as a pitching ocean liner captained by your favorite eccentric aunt." You can see the shops red lacquered facade peaking in on the right side of this photo.

This Chicago Street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


New York Fashion Week - Pendleton Coat

New York Street Style - Work that Skirt

While I was in New York shooting street style for Très Awesome, I was also hunting for examples of women wearing great skirts for a guest blog post on the Skirt PR site. Click on over to their site and check out more Susie Bubble in a Topshop skirt and other cool girls workin' that skirt.


Chicago Street Style - Look of the Week

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast. This handsome devil is also our latest "Look of the Week" over on Facebook. Come on over and check out his photo and while your there clicky clicky on the like button so we can be BFF.

The Devil's in the Details - Socks that Rock

These crazy styley feet belong to Luis from Chic Overload. Check out some of the other looks he rocked at New York Fashion Week here.


New York Fashion Week - Baseball Caps

Baseball caps had a major moment at New York fashion week as captured by Refinery 29, All the Pretty Birds, and Glamour.

Now, what this gentleman is wearing is not a part of this trend per se. Yes, that's a baseball cap underneath all those gems, but this is some next level shit. Have you ever seen a more Bedazzled™ item of clothing?! It looks as if it would collapse if just one more diamonte was added. That being said, he looks TOTALLY RADICAL. So nice work sir, we at Très Awesome salute you.

New York Fashion Week - Fur on the Run

She's late for a very important date in a truly spectacular fur coat.


New York Fashion Week - Geography Pop Quiz

Listen up geography nerds! I'm sending a cool treat to the first commenter to correctly identify the US state on this woman's necklace.

Now, let's discuss this lovely color combination.  Teal and bright green together is my absolute fave.
Beautiful girl.


New York Fashion Week - Bitchin' Chanel Purses

This clear plastic Chanel bag is amazing on it's own. Throw in a gold retro telephone hand set and you're basically carrying around a piece of artwork.

I love this oversize purple Chanel clutch bag, especially paired with this vibrant coat.


New York Fashion Week - Mia Moretti

Mia Moretti outside the Prabal Gurung show looking bright and cool.

New York Fashion Week - Garance Doré

Garance Doré is without a doubt one of my favorite street style photographers. It was such a pleasure getting to snap her photo outside of the Rag and Bone show at New York Fashion Week.


New York Fashion Week - Phillip Lim 3.1

This woman and her handsome man-friend (who will be posted later next week) were walking around Lincoln Center handing out something called the Phillip Lim Daily. They both looked amazing, as evidenced in part by this photo.

This outfit is basically a beautifully rendered version of something I might have worn in 5th grade. The white turtle neck, awkward green buckle shoes, and graphic tshirt mixed with the tweed. Weird and lovely.
That's Phillip Lim for you in a nutshell.

Also note, if you're a brand and you want your clothes photographed by street style photographers here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Find someone beautiful.
2. If you're a hot designer dress them in your clothes. If you're not a hot designer dress them in someone else's clothes and have them carry around a tote bag with your brand stamped on it.
3. Set them loose in Lincoln Center during fashion week.
4. The end.

New York Fashion Week - Tavi Gevinson

While attending the Rachel Antonoff collection at New York Fashion Week I ran into Tavi Gevinson, the 16 year old style icon and founder of Rookie magazine.
She was wearing the most radical HOLE barrettes ever. Where does one even get something like this?
Let's revisit my favorite song from the album why don't we...it's heavy and TOTALLY RAD.


New York Fashion Week Instagram-o-rama for Modcloth

I've been capturing all kinds of New York Fashion Week goodness for the Modcloth Instagram. Follow them @modcloth on your iphone like device to check out sweet snaps of Susie Bubble, Hanneli, Tavi and MORE!


Designer Spotlight: Elise Bergman

I recently paid a visit to lovely Elise Bergman's studio here in Chicago as she prepared to head to New York Fashion Week to show her work with 3 other designers in a show curated by Simon Doonan and Diet Pepsi. 

The show takes place tomorrow at Lincoln Center on a stage designed by Jonathan Adler. Elise Bergman's clothes are elegant, cool, and incredibly wearable. Feast your eyes on her work here.


Sweet Boutique - Haberdash

Zach looks incredible here in his Ray Bans and Gitman Vintage tie. He works at Haberdash on State street which I walk by almost everyday on my way home from work. I've have always been intrigued by the impeccably stylish gents that I've peeped through the window. Alas quittin' time is universally after the sun has set so I've never had a chance to capture the magic.  Finally I decided to pay Haberdash a visit during day light hours a couple of weekends ago and boy am I glad I did.

I LOVE how Zach has cuffed his jeans above these great Alden Indy shoes.

Jason is wearing a hat from Wigéns x Harris Tweed and Woolrich-John Rich & Bros. coat 

Tristan looks like an athlete and a genius at the same time with this Dehen 1920 Haberdash letterman jacket (who's to say it's not from Harvard?!).

These Florsheim shoes are just fabulous. Tristan has replaced the original laces with these nifty yellow varietals. It's a quick and easy way to breath some life into an old pair of dogs.

As you can see there is TONS of great stuff to be found at Haberdash. Lucky for you there are several locations in the city.

River North:
607 N. State  State Street

Old Town:
1350 N. Wells


Chicago Street Fashion - Amish Cowboy

This Chicago Street fashion was captured in Bucktown.


Chicago Street Fashion - Floral Maxi

This photo was originally published on Refinery29
This floral maxi skirt looks amazing, especially paired with these neutral accessories.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.
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