Maxi Dress Moxie

Loving this womans tie died maxi dress also how amazing are these shoes!?


The Fashionable Selby Book Signing

One of my favorite photographers, Todd Selby has a beautiful new book called The Fashionable Selby full of his portraits of  eccentric artisans, slick designers and cool shop keeps from around the world.

I got to meet Todd at a book signing in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. He was kind enough to come out into the wet drizzly early evening and snap a couple of photos with me. Notice his radical kitten shirt.

Todd  also does sweet little illustrations that are peppered throughout the book, like these paper dolls.  If you're admiring how daring I am for ripping pages out of an art book and cutting away, hold your horses, because we were given extra sheets of them at the party. Turns out cutting out paper dolls makes an excellent hung over activity (did I mention how strong the drinks were at the event?).

There are so many inspiring beautiful people featured in the book, it's hard to choose favorites. But if you were to hold a gun to my head and make me choose  I would have to say that I loved seeing the creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing's process of sketching his intricate embroidery patterns on toile.

Also I loved learning about Marilsol Saurez and her wigs and hair creations.

You can buy The Fashionable Selby here. 

Also if you have not had the chance to check out Todd's wonderful blog The Selby is in Your Place do do so immediately and prepare to be inspired and maybe a little bit jealous ;)


Cocktail Recipe: Pimm's Cup

Memorial Day is coming, which means a long weekend, BBQs, and the non-official start of Summer! The day also typically involves some form of day drinking and for this I highly suggest whipping up a batch of Pimms Cup. This traditionally British drink is everything a good summer cocktail should be - refreshing, citrusy and delicious. And with it's relatively low alchohol content (25% alchohol) feel free to knock back 2 or 3 or 6 :)

1/4-inch thick English cucumber wheel
4-5 sliced strawberries
1/4-inch thick lemon wheel
2 ounces Pimm’s No. 1
2 ounces ginger ale
2 ounces of lemonade
2 rosemary sprigs

Gently muddle the strawberries, cucumber and lemon slices in a chilled highball glass. Pour in the Pimm’s, gingerale and lemonade and stir to combine. Add ice to fill the glass and garnish with the lemon twist. Garnish with the rosemary sprigs and to make it really fancy use a festive paper straw.

This recipe is based on one I found on Chow


Caroline and Claire

In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday I give you the most stylish Mother and Daughter duo that have ever graced the pages of Très Awesome! I ran into the pair at the School of the Art Inistute Student Fashion Show this past week.

That fantastic beaded number that Caroline is wearing is a Maison Martin Margiela dress that she is wearing backwards. Claire is wearing a Theyskens Theory dress.

Claire's fabulous little leather clutch is actaully a vintage lens bag.


Nick Cave - SAIC 80 Years of Fashion Innovation

As any reader of this blog can tell you, I'm prone to hyperbole. This outfit was AMAZING, that girl looks SPECTACULAR, his shirt was GORGEOUS and on and on and on. However, this past friday I witnessed something so good it gave me cause to reflect on my casual praise of this or that shiny bauble.

The visual artist Nick Cave who is a professor at The School of The Art Institute (my alma matter!) put on a riotous performance that simply blew me away. Take a look at more of his work here and here.

Azeeza Khan

Designer Azeeza Khan looks glamorama in a cape of her own design outside the SAIC Fashion Show the Walk. Take a look at more of her work here.

Katrin Schnabel

Katrin Schnabel is the head of the School of the Art Institute's Fashion Program and looks beautiful in a dress of her own design. Take a look at more of her work here.

Student Designers - SAIC Fashion

Debbie Jagel - SAIC The Walk

Debbie Jagel owns the the cool boutique Ootra and is co-chair of SAIC's Fashion/The Walk 2014. She looks incredible here in this houndstooth check and chic braided up-do.

Justin LeBlanc

I ran into the talented designer and Project Runway Season 12 finalist Justin LeBlanc outside of the SAIC 2014 Fashion show.

I heart his 3D bowtie and pocket square.

Justin actually attended The School of the Art Institute as a Graduate Student and is now teaching at North Carolina State University as an Assistant Professor.

This amazing concoction is one of Justin's designs as seen on the street in front of the venue. Plastic has never looked so good!

Samm Mackin

I ran into Samm Mackin head of public relations for Gallery Aesthete outside the SAIC Fashion 2014 Student show looking amazing as always in Rick Owens and a Rad Hourani Bag.

Also love that little pop of color from the sleeve of his Comme Des Garcon coat.

Mel Muoio

Mama loves a good cape. Especially this vintage one that Mel picked up in San Francisco. Spotted outside the SAIC 2014 fashion show.


Ikram Goldman

I spotted Ikram Goldman on her way into the SAIC student fashion show over the weekend. Girlfriend be lookin' GOOD.
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