Elliot at Kokorokoko

Elliot works at the mega-cool shop Kokorokoko, located at 1323 N. Milwaukee. If you are ever in need of a blinged out fanny pack, festive bolo tie or rad party dress, this is your place.

Elliot's little day of the dead beaded necklace is so weird and out of place with this outfit that it actually works! I love it when that happens.


Hysteria in Wicker Park

How ultimately amazing is this vintage french Hysteric Et Vous letterman jacket? Answer: VERY. Spotted in Wicker Park over the weekend.


Eva Daiberl of Miss Renaissance

Eva looks beautiful here in crisp blue and white. I mean that that gorgeous Celine mini cross body, I die!  So aside from looking amazing most of the time, she also runs a pretty spectacular blog called Miss Renaissance that's about fashion, personal style, DIY and baking! Her most recent culinary post on rose amaretto heart shaped jello shots isn't baking per se, but the end result is certainly a confection. She also does great DIY like this beautiful and very do-able succulent planter project.


Samantha Sleeper Pop-Up

Radical new designer alert!  Samantha Sleeper has temporarily set up shop on Oak Street with a selection of her gorgeous wares.

I snapped these photos outside of the launch party Monday night. One of the coolest features of the location (besides the clothes of course) is one of Samantha's weird and wonderful illustrations plastered on the front window of the shop.

There's a ton of amazing stuff to buy ranging from this stunning (if aspirational) cocktail number to some very affordable sundresses, jackets, skirts and blouses.

You'd be a fool not to go check this out before it's gone, and it's going fast. The pop-up is only open for a couple more days (through this Sunday, May 27th). So what are you waiting for?!

Samantha Sleeper Pop-Up
46 E Oak.
Mon-Sun 10-6pm


Jacqueline Hoover in Wicker Park

Jackie looks beautiful here in this simple white dress and Ray-Ban Wayfarers. She works at CS Magazine in their marketing department now, but I'll always remember her as the very best intern Très Awesome has ever had. They grow up so fast ;) Take a look at more photos of Ms. Hoover looking amazing on the blog both here and here.


Samantha Saifer Berngard

Samantha is the director of events at Sun-Times Splash. She looks incredible here in this matching sweater set and leather jacket. I wish I could shop this photo, because I would wear the shiz out of this outfit.


DJ Lani Love

Lani Nguyen is a woman of many talents. By day she's a strategist at Leo Burnett and by night she's DJ Lani Love who spins places like Paris Club, The Bedford and other cool Chicago haunts.  I love this crazy ensemble she's wearing, so good.


SAIC Fashion 2013 - Onasis Odelmo

Photographer Onasis Oldemo is lookin' fine here at Millennium Park on his way to shoot The Art Institute of Chicago's undergraduate fashion show.  Check out his work here


SAIC Fashion Show 2013 - Abigail Glaum-Lathbury

Abigail Glaum-Lathbury is a faculty member in the fashion department at SAIC. She's wearing a fabulous sequined frock of her own design. Check out more of her work here.

Also take a look at the photos I took of her last year.

SAIC Fashion Show 2013 - Jared Hatch

Jared Hatch the editor of Racked Chicago makes his way into the tent for The School of the Art Inistute's Fashion show. I have three words for this photo...What a babe!

SAIC Fashion Show 2013 - Meagan Fredette

I had the pleasure of hanging with Meagan Fredette of the blog Latterstyle at this years School of the Art Institute undergraduate fashion show.

She looks amazing here in a Rodarte jacket over a My Bloody Valentine t-shirt. An apt choice seeing as The Mulleavy sisters were in attendance to accept the Legend of Fashion Award from The School of the Art Institute.


Amelia Eaton on Michigan Avenue

I ran into beautiful Amelia Eaton yesterday morning at the Coach Blogger Breakfast. She looks incredible here in this pastel floral explosion. Amelia has a great blog called The CHICago Life Blog that she runs with Samantha Voss. They post a mix of fashion, personal style, decor and food news. Definitely check it out if you have not already been.


Lynne Bredfeldt on Lake Street

I ran into Lynne Bredfeldt, director of PR for the Park Hyatt here in Chicago this afternoon on my lunch break. She looks amazing here in this nautically inspired black & white ensemble.


Tracey Lomrantz Lester in Chicago

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Gilt breakfast held at Prasino here in Chicago. Gilt's newly named editorial director Tracey Lomrantz Lester was on hand and looking radiant in about a million shades of red and pink.

Can we talk about these jeans for a moment?! They're Chip and Pepper with some seriously expert DIYing done by Tracey herself.

Tracey definitely knows what time it is, thanks to this awesome bracelet/watch stack.  Especially loving the weird chunky bracelet at the top.

Also Ms. Tracey has hand picked some of her favorite items on Gilt exclusively for Chicago. So get over there and check them out. And, if you're not already a member of Gilt, I highly suggest signing up :)
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