Indian Summer

It's almost October but the weather makes it feel like endless summer. The lesson of this photo is, give a woman a bright yellow bag and perhaps she can knock down the dose of her anti-depressant a couple of milligrams :) I'm thinking this might be the surprise purchase that will get me through the Chicago winter.


Heavy Metal at Rodarte

Faux piercings on a model outside the Rodarte show at New York Fashion Week.


Bright Hair - New York Fashion Week

Saw a lot of very bold hair on the streets in New York during Fashion Week. Here is a round up of the best colored tresses on the street (say that five times fast :)

Yep this girl went there. She has the FANCIEST hair cut around with the chanel logo emblazoned on the back of her head. There's a conversation to be had here about the comdification of self and autonomy from brands, but frankly I'm too tired to have it. So I'll just say I think it's rad.

This girl is giving new life to term rainbow bright. Manic Panic would be proud.

Whitney Middleton Gruber looks gorgeous here in her all black work uniform. She got to work backstage at the very cool show Public School and dress the models.


Chiara Ferragni - New York Fashion Week

Chiara Ferragni, style icon and founder of the Blonde Salad looks incredible here in her trench and Saint Laurent Glitter Boots.

Coco Rocha - New York Fashion Week

I caught Coco Rocha on the street outside the Diesel Black Gold show. She looks fly here in silver and black. Also LOVE the ear cuff.

Magnificent Purses - New York Fashion Week

I captured so many great bags on the street this past week. Here is a sampling of the best.


Black and White - New York Fashion Week

Black and white was THE thing at New York Fashion Week this season.


Karlie Kloss - New York Fashion Week

I spotted adorable super model Karlie Kloss on the street during New York Fashion Week. Don't mess with those abs.

Dapper Gent - New York Fashion Week

Couldn't resist snapping this guys photo in Lincoln Center. That smile and that suit are a winning combo.

Bold Patterns - New York Fashion Week

Matchy matchy has never looked this good (insert dancing twin girl emoticons here),
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