Mad Decent Block Party at the Hideout

Zeb Malik from the band POPO looks elegant and weird in this textural, bohemian hippie outfit.


Maggie at Lollapalooza

This blue jean jumper is out of control cool with the acid washed purse. I love how her heels match the leather accents on the bag. It should be noted that moments before this photo was taken Maggie jumped a fence in this outfit.


Julianna Downtown

I love the rolled  jean shorts over the black tights. I saw a lot of women wearing this style in London last month. It looks more fresh and unique on the streets of Chicago, because it has not caught on in the same way here.


Color Inspiration on Milwaukee

This pastel blouse and mustard yellow jeans look great with the dark leather accessories.

Legs Mcgee

These black socks are incredible and totally unexpected with the little sundress.

Stylish Biker on Milwaukee

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