Très Awesome is on the Leo Burnett Blog

As you may know, in addition to doing this whole street style thingee I'm also an art director at the ad agency Leo Burnett here in Chicago. They just started a series called LB Sidenotes, about people at the agency that have interesting or creative side projects.  I feel so grateful to work at a place that fully embraces and promotes my passions outside the office. Hooray for Leo.

A huge thanks to the folks that made this all possible, Kyle Obriot (Shooter/Director of Photography), Marco Morales (audio), Drew Wehrle (director of publishing & content), Kim Kauffman (publishing & content editor) and Q Music (soundtrack)

Also big thanks to Sasha and Ross for letting us shoot in their rad vintage shop Kokorokoko. For all who are wondering, they are located at 1112 North Ashland near the Division Blue Line.

Check out Kyle Obriot's awesome side project called Giant System where he makes videos of cool local bands playing in their spaces. And listen to the sweet stylings of DJ Marco Morales on his latest album Stirring the Macaroni.


  1. Emma it looks amazing - congrats! I've loved the series of pics you've taken of the LB folks lately.

    1. Thanks Ms. Tabitha. Advertising is fun! Let's hang soon. :)


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