Hot Nautical Look

The Pitchfork Music Festival was this weekend in Chicago at Union Park. With the temperature hitting the high 90 mark and the sun beating down, this lovely lady had the right idea with her wide brimmed hat and sexy romper.

I am generally not a big fan of tattoos, but this one looks positively beautiful on her.

Pitchfork Music Festival Stylish Duo

I love the pockets hanging out of the shorts.


Chico in a Louis Vuitton Fur Hat

When this hat was designed the maker could not have imagined it would ever be worn like this. Using a hair elastic to a fix it to his hair is truly inspired, as is wearing fur with this summery outfit. I love how he has taken this luxurious item made for a specific purpose (a ladies cloche hat intended for use in the winter) and turned into something completely unique and his own.


Matt in an Aztec Inspired Tank

Francis in Wicker Park

This fabulous number was designed by Francis by refurbishing a vintage skirt into a dress. You can check out her wares at Vintage Heaven on July 31st and August 1st at Heaven Gallery on 1550 N. Milwaukee.


Josh in Wicker Park

This t-shirt is incredible and designed by Josh. You can check out his other creations at designerdrugs

Chicago Street Style: Courtney on Damen

I found this lovely working at Marc Jacobs in Bucktown. Her African inspired print dress with the navy belt (by MJ of course) looks great with her ivory skin.

Courtney's tattoo is inspired by memories of driving around with her Dad in
his old Cadillac listening to Bruce Springsteen.


Paris Street Style: Charles

The scarf and matching red shoes are just perfect.

London Street Style: Claire

My lovely friend looks so pretty with the white rose in her hair, purple vintage straw purse and red dress.

Amsterdam Street Style: Robert at the Sofitel Grand

I met this impeccably dressed gentleman in the garden restaurant of my hotel in Amsterdam. It was a sweltering 90 degrees which is why, he told me he was so dressed down. "I am always dressed in a suit for lunch if I can help it, and the weather permits". His cravat and matching high waisted pants are pretty spectacular. And even though this outfit is formally over the top he manages to make it look cool with the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. 

We talked about his general dismay with the decline of elegance and tradition in men's fashion. "You know in the top restaurants in the world it's not even necessary to wear a jacket to dinner, EVEN in Paris, he lamented."

Paris Street Style: Priscilla

The chandelier earrings make this otherwise normal outfit super cool.

Dianne Pernet and Friends in Paris

While in Paris last month I spotted Dianne Pernet of A Shaded View of Fashion  and her entourage coming out of the metro at the Filles du Calvaire stop on the metro.

She appears below with Adrian Fernand the fashion writer and the stylist Steph Marks. 

The white tie and rolled up jean shorts is such a fresh look.  I also am in love with this blue pantsuit with the cut out at the ribs paired with those huge pink earrings.

Paris Street Style: Anna Livia

Her hair and sunglasses make this very simple outfit ultra cool.

Paris Street Style

I love how elegant she looks on the street in Paris at 11 am. Her Longchamp logo tote looks great with the neutral pallete.

Paris Street Style: Julie

There are so many interesting components to this outfit. The leather belted shorts, button down oxford cloth shirt, hair tie, and leather sandals all work miraculously work together.

Paris Street Style: Justine

The primary palette and graphic pop of this outfit is absolutely fantastic. The red shoes and socks really put it over the edge!

Paris Street Style

Came across this beauty with her high waisted blue jeans and sheer jersey tank top. The orange sunglasses are also divine.

Amsterdam Street Style: Stephen

I spotted this strapping young man in the Old Center of Amsterdam. He is currently obsessed with the show 90210 which is evidenced by his incredible tote bag. What a thrift find! His pastel Nikes, splatter paint jean shorts and hot pink watch might be overload on a smaller frame, but work perfectly on him.

London Street Style

London Street Style: Nick

I love the mix of colors here. Shades of brown, light blue and the pop of orange looks great.

puffball shoes

I LOVE these shoes. Spotted at the Royal Institute of Fashion Exhibition on Oxford Street.
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