Chicago Street Fashion - Michael Kors

I'm thrilled to announce that Très Awesome is the latest street style blog to be featured on the Michael Kors Bag Alert facebook page. Go check out our photos and vote for your favorite...If we receive the most votes we'll get to donate $5000 to the charity of our choice and be featured on the Michael Kors website.

Here's one of the outtakes of Audrey of A Lovely Escape. She's featured on the MK page, so go have a look at her photo. It's much different than the pensive moment I caught here. 


Chicago Street Fashion - Chelsea Simonne

Here are some things I know about Chelsea Simonne.
1. She has a rad tumblr
2. She works at the very cool boutique Sofia
3. She's our look of the week on Facebook.
4. She basically lives in these leather leggings (wouldn't you too if you had legs up to your elbows?)

This image was originally published on Refinery29 (Thanks to Ms. Shani Silver!)
Okay, so I have a confession...I hate the fur tail trend. There I said it. You have no idea how many times I've seen a person with amazing personal style, and then I see that tail, and it's over (basically I won't take your picture if you're wearing one). The problem for me comes from the fact that it's is very hard to pull off without looking like a Furry

That being said, Chelsea, you look gorgeous. When paired with this sleek, sophisticated look it transcends my prejudice. Good work lady, you've widened my horizons :)

POW! These rings rule. They are available at Sofia, but I'm not sure who the designer is. Does anyone know?

Chelsea has been on Très Awesome before (duh!)

This Chicago street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


Designer Spotlight - Aporta

APORTA is a Chicago based accessories line comprised of beautiful scarves, knits and furs. Just in time for the bone chilling weather to come. All pieces are handcrafted and sourced locally.

Noelle Sharp (below) is the woman behind Aporta. I ran into her at the School of the Art Institute Holiday sale where she's a student and was selling her wares. Noelle is also our look of the week on facebook, and has been feautred on Très Awesome a number of times, both here and here.
I caught up with Noelle and some of her friends a couple of weekends ago and took these beautiful pics of hot chicks in Aporta.
You can purchase all the knit and fur accessories featured here online at Aporta. Lucky for you they have an amazing Black Friday Sale happening until November 27th. Buy anything online and receive this adorable Fisherman's Beanie totally FREE!


Chicago Street Fashion - Evette

I love this photograph for a couple of reasons. Evette is gorgeous, and there is the photo in the photo on her t-shirt, but the best thing I think is the guy in the background who has turned around to check her out. It's perfect!

Shani Silver over at Refinery29 (where this photo was originally published) is "impressed by her use of a sheer lace maxi in cooler temps. A quick dive through the "leggings drawer" (you know you have one) will turn up an easy way to keep this skirt in play all season long."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Literally.  I'm getting so sleepy that my writing skills are going down the tubes. Time to put this puppy on a timer and hit the hay.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.


Chicago Street Fashion - Esteban

I ran into Estaban this weekend while walking over the Michigan Avenue bridge downtown. He was hard to miss in his huge shearling fur coat, mink stole, and enormous jade amulet.

When I was taking his photo he asked me if I wanted him to unbutton his coat. I replied, "no just keep it the way you have it", not knowing the literal treasure he was wearing underneath. This is without a doubt the most unique object I've ever photographed on someone. Apparently it's a Chinese antiquity that Estaban was given as a gift. It certainly looks like one. I love that he's just wearing it for a casual stroll around downtown Chicago.
Let's have a closer look at this gem, shall we? The scale alone is remarkable and the woven leather pouches on either side are just beautiful.  Thank you Estaban, you have truly made my millennium.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured downtown.


Versace for H&M comes to Chicago

Today Versace for H&M‘s 52-piece collection launched in stores and online and people went banananas. London got a personal appearance by the designer herself, Donnatella Versace. New York got a fabulous launch party with performances by Niki Minaj and Prince. What did Chicago get you ask? Aside from the soggy croissants and coffee that were passed out in the very early morning, the answer is a big bag of nothing.

The  crowd lined up as early as 8 pm the following evening for a chance at getting the most coveted items like the studded leather jackets, scarves, and bomber jackets.

Overall the demographic was markedly different from last years designer collaboration with Lanvin. There were far fewer women and almost everyone was in their early to mid 20s.

This gentleman was lucky enough to score the Versace for H&M men's leather jacket, which he immediately put on. I love how he's paired it with an Ambush Pow necklace and graphic t-shirt.

As always there were many people looking to turn a quick profit by scooping up the popular items and selling them on e-bay.

The person buried under this ton of shopping bags hilariously tried to convince me that he and his boyfriend were planning on keeping everything for themselves.  Right now there are tons of Versace for H&M items going for 3-4 times the original price, however it should be noted that at this time there are almost no bids on most of the auctions. 

For me the best part of the collection were the wack-a-doodle prints. I got these radical leggings for only 29.99, which came with this Versace for H&M garment bag and deluxe shopper.


Chicago Street Fashion - Nia

Nia proves there's no better accessory for a leather jacket and heavy metal jewelery than a lot of leg. She looks gorgeous and tough in this AllSaints ensemble.

This photo was originally posted on Refinery29

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.


Chicago Street Fashion - Audrey in Eugenia Kim

This weekend the designer Eugenia Kim was in town for a trunk show at P.45 in Bucktown. P.45 was one of the first boutiques to start carrying Eugenia's now famous line. I shot some video of Audrey from A Lovely Escape  talking to Eugenia about her hats and the famous people that wear them, but sadly the sound is almost completely inaudible, WOMP WOMP.
I was able to snap some photos of the lovely Audrey in this beautiful Eugenia Kim hat.
The feather detailing is just gorgeous and Audrey's bright red lipstick is a perfect match with this look.


Chicago Street Fashion - Ricky

Ricky works at Barneys and looks incredible here in his Louis Vuitton cashmere coat and Neil Barret vest.

I love how Ricky is using designer pieces to create a look and silhouette that's all his own. Somehow it's flamboyant and understated all at once.

Ricky is also our look of the week on facebook. If you haven't already, come  over and check out his photo and like us while you're there. 

How cute is this Lanvin high top stick pin.

Ricky's shoes are box calf and shark lace-ups from Louis Vuitton. Yes you read that right, his shoes are made of SHARK. I love how he is showcasing these rad Paul Smith socks with the tight rolled cuff, a method I haven't seen since my days as a teenager in South Bend.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.


Chicago Street Style: Dapper Gent

I love everything about this outfit from his cloth tie and tie clip to his rolled up khakis. This guy definitely knows how to dress.
Gentleman take note, the bright green laces in these oxfords look excellent. This is a cheap and easy way to spice up an old pair of shoes.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.

Chicago Street Fashion: Babes with Books

I found Miriam in Wicker Park on Milwaukee Avenue last weekend. She looks beautiful here with her bright red lipstick and copy of "The Elegance of the Hedgehog". Has anyone read it? I hear it's good.
I spotted this minx at the Diana Vreeland book signing at Barneys this weekend. Her outfit incorporates so many lovely details and accessories, but perhaps the most stylish one of all is her freshly signed copy of The Eye Has to Travel

Chicago Street Fashion: Tina

Wowza. Tina looks insanely chic here in her oversized Top Shop Sunglasses and French Connection Dress]
This image was originally published on Elle.com in a back to school street style fashion round up.

I love Tina's MCM vintage bag and this big metal neckalce.

Even though they are a different shade of red than her dress, these Top Shop suede look right at home. This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Loop.


Chicago Street Fashion - Molly

My delightful cousin Molly was in town this weekend for my sister Rachel's wedding. She's in her  second year at at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco where she's focusing on Photography (it runs in the family!). I'm not generally a fan of plugs but these iridescent ones look beautiful on her, especially whey paired with the pearl clip ons.
Molly has been sewing since she was a little kid, she found this dress at a thrift store and added a hand dyed lace top to the bodice. So purdy!


If You Seek Style and Lodis

Lovely Caylee M. of the personal style blog If You Seek Style was kind enough to do a little street style photo shoot with items sent to me by Lodis. I really love this bag they sent me, it has a pocket for my laptop and it makes going to work a little sweeter and definitely more luxurious.
This Lodis snake skin belt. Très Chic! PS Caylee is the mystery girl behind the tiger mask I posted last week in honor of Halloween.


Chicago Street Fashion - Penny at Sofia

I stopped into Sofia (one of my very favorite shops in the gold coast) this weekend and found darling Penny in this amazing ensemble that includes a vintage cape from her Grandmother (granny was fly!) and many items from Sofia.
Penny's pen knife necklace was made for her by her boyfriend for her b-day(can we both date him?!). Also can we talk about this fish belt. SO COOL. 

All rings were bought at Sofia, where you should absolutely high tail it if you're in Chicago. They have an expertly curated new and vintage designer collection that will make your sartorial dreams come true.

72 East Oak Street
Chicago, IL 60611
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