My Favorite Street Style Photos of 2012

Happy (almost) New Year Everyone!! I've been looking through all my shots from the past year & have to say that 2012 was an exceptionally stylish one. Will 2013 be able to compete? We will just have to wait & see. In the meantime I give you my favorite street style moments of 2012.


Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

It's hard to believe this will be my last regular street style post of the year, although this photo is far from "regular". It's the lovely Rebecca, founder of The Clothes Horse, a blog that is equal parts fashion musings and personal style diary. Her sense of style is truly unique and the beautiful natural backgrounds around her home in Pennsylvania are stunning. My favorite things about The Clothes Horse is her photography, which she takes herself with the help of a tripod (of course!).

I took this photo of Rebecca back in September during fashion week. Because her photos are almost exclusively shot in rural backgrounds I think it's kind of exciting to see her in a city. If you're not familiar with The Clothes Horse or have not visited in a while, clickity clack on over and have a look.


Designer Spotlight - King Onye

I met Oneka Ijeoma on the street a couple of weeks ago as she was setting up a little sidewalk sale in the freezing cold, which explains her mega fur. Her label King Onye is an accessories line that features necklaces, earrings and bracelets using interesting mix of materials. My favorite pieces are the ones that incorparate twigs and sticks surronded by metals and chains. Have a look at her whole collection here.

This necklace she designed is so cool.

Also of note is her custom mani by Chicago nail artist  Spifster. Get painted by Spifster by setting up an appointment on Style Seat.



Color Theory

Loving Corri McFadden's primary mix of Kenzo and her Blue Python Proenza Schouler PS1. Très Chic!


Melinda Kennedy in Lincoln Park

Melinda is the international marketing manager for Topshop, which means she's responsible for making sure the brand is represented in the right way in each market. A big job considering that Topshop has stores  everywhere from Malasia to South Africa.

I met Melinda at the Lincoln Park Topshop Pop-up in Chicago earlier this month. I couldn't help pulling her out onto the street for a little street style action. I love the floral blouse mixed with this otherwise rugged outfit.


Rachelle in the South Loop

I work with lovely Rachelle at Leo Burnett here in Chicago. We stepped out of a photo shoot last month to capture her truly magical color scheme.


Marisol in Wicker Park

Nokia x LeiVanKash Blogger Challenge

Over the past month I've been working on a project with Nokia and LeiVanKash Jewelry. I, along with a number of other bloggers was asked to capture images with the brand new Nokia Lumia 900 and create a mood board to inspire a new peice of LeiVanKash Jewelry.

I studied painting and drawing in college (thanks to my incredibly generous parental units ;) so I thought this was a great time to get back to my roots as an artist and make some things. I used an ancient german botany book, colored pencils, the photos I took with the Nokia Lumia 900 and a lil thing I like to call photoshop

The creative force behind LeiVanKash Jewellery, Leila Kashanipour, has 5 different lines that we were to draw inspiration from, Persepolios, Damocles, Skullmania, Totem and Flora. I chose the latter because my favorite piece of her collection is this amazing floral ring

The image of the woman with the gorgeous floral crown is the cover of the latest Neimans catalog. So many tempting goodies in that thing...

This is the front door to my apartment. When I saw the floral carvings on the door I knew I wanted to call this place home.

This is a LeiVanKash flora bracelet layered on top of one of my favorite lace blouses.

It took this challenge to make me realize that the Marina Tower buildings that are right across the street from my office resemble the petals of a flower stacked to the sky. 
Tomorrow the Nokia Lumia 900 get's packed up in a box and sent off from whence it came. The best mood boards will be chosen by the designer and Nokia to win all sorts of fabulous prizes, fingers crossed!


Sita Ram at The Harris Theatre

Looking for something fabulous to do this weekend with friends or family? Well look no further than the very special three show production of the musical Sita Ram, a theatrical mega collaboration between The Lookingglass Theatre, The Chicago Children's Choir and the Natya Dance Theatre.

Expect gorgeous costumes as designed by my talented friend Azeeza Kahn of AZEEZA. I've taken many photos of Azeeza over the past year that I've known her (see here, and here) but this may be my favorite series. Taken at Lollapalooza this summer, only Azeeza would wear this glamorous confection to a music festival. The major upside of this was people (including security for the VIP areas) kept mistaking her for one of the artists performing.

I always love when a fashion designer does costuming, like Rodarte for the movie Black Swan or Ralph Lauren in The Great Gatsby. So I'm extra excited to see what Azeeza pulls out for this!

Buy tickets for  Friday and Saturday's performances on the Harris Theater's Website. You can also buy VIP tickets to the opening performance tomorrow night that includes a cocktail reception and access to the after party with the cast at Embeya


Erin on Michigan Avenue

This photo of Erin was taken in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. FYI It's taking everything I have within me not to make an "I spotted/Cheetah print joke here, so now that it's out of my system, we can talk about this truly fabulous outfit Erin is wearing. The bold print mixed with the frilly french maid like little bow tie and blouse is just fantastic. Also, I'm suffering from some serious eyebrow envy here, who knew that was even a thing ;)


Victor in Wicker Park

I ran into lovely Victor last weekend at The Renegade Craft Fair. Always a pleasure to see this guy around town.


Seth Putnam of The Midwestyle

Seth and I attended a breakfast that Coach hosted with The Sartorialist earlier this month. They did a live Q&A with Scott Schuman while we all munched happily on baby quiches and frisee. True to the spirit of the The Midwestyle (the blog Seth runs with Jeff Kies and Cam Hauskc) he is decked out in a combination of classic menswear and rugged outdoor gear.

I love Seth's classic perfectly worn in classic Coach Briefcase. So thrilled that the company has returned to it's roots with the Legacy Collection.

Also check out these work gloves that were custom made for Seth's grandfather who ran and operated a farm. So fancily, un-fancy!


The Très Awesome Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, although you wouldn't know it from the balmy 70 degree weather here in Chicago. If you're a grade A procrastinator like me, you haven't done any shopping yet. For once, this turns out to be a good thing, because I have some GREAT ideas for you. I've collected all sorts of cool stuff from around the internetz that's perfect for all the discerning (and not so discerning) peeps in your life. So without further ado I give you Très Awesome's first official holiday gift guide.

1) Emerging Thoughts Fox Ring by Sea of Bees $18.00
2) eDrop - Off Dannijo x Man Repeller Pink "Eyelien" Bracelet Auction Starts at $19.99
3) Indego Africa Urhuhu Fair Trade Rawandan Cloth and Leather Bag $55.00

4) The Outnet Sonia Rykiel Lacquered Ribbon Brooch $35.00
5) Amazon Grace a Memoir $19.00
6) Coach Long Colorblock Pocket Gloves $228.00
7) Kokorokoko Mickey Mouse Gold Chain Belt $16.00

8) Supreme New York Leather and Mesh Snap Back Cap $54.00
9) Fred Flare 500XL Giant Earbud Speakers $50.00
10) Paper Source Art Of Instruction Botanical Journals (Set of 3) $12.95
11) Threadless Banana Kitty iPhone Case $29.99

12) Gina Made It Bun Bows $30.00
13) Nike Nike+ Fuelband $149
14) Barnes & Noble Chris Ware Building Stories $28.05 (PS this is totally amazing)
15) Topshop Pop Up Event Oval Diamante Clutch $140.00
Astrowifey Manicure Free at the Event! (See Details Here)

When I started putting this guide together, it never crossed my mind, but now that it's finished I am so sending this link to my boyfriend :)


Gigia at the Renegade Craft Fair

I work with Gigia at Leo Burnett here in Chicago. She is hands down one of the most stylish women I have ever worked with. I've never gotten the chance to shoot her around work. So thankfully our mutual love of crafts brought us together this weekend at Pulaski Park for the Renegade Craft Fair. Gigia looks beautiful here in this print dress and brown belt and boots.


Jena Gambaccini

I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Jena Gambaccini and about 20 other Chicago fashionistas yesterday at the breakfast that Coach put on to celebrate The Sartorialists new book Closer. Love the multiple blues that Jenna has going on in this outfit not to mention that radical hat.

Check out Jena's blog ChiCityFashion, a great mix of personal style blog, fashion diary and calendar of must see events around town.
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