Shelby in River North

It's hard for a man to look tough and glamorous at the same time, but Shelby pulls it off in this spectacular hat and green trench. 


Chez Mignon: A House of Pretty Things

This Friday designers DollpartsAlidade and Caroline Borucki and vintage vendors YellowBirddDethrose Vintage and Nonnie Johns Vintage will be showing their spring collections in a runway show at the Elastic Arts Foundation in Logan Square.

I visited Dollparts founder, Michelle Dimitris's work space in Wicker Park last weekend and got a sneak peak at the Spring line as modeled by Alex. This outfit was created using recycled textiles and looks absolutely adorable on her. Michelle often uses material from second-hand garments, remaindered fabrics and found materials. Also Michelle's work space is AMAZING. I can't get over how cool that Marloboro Man billboard wallpaper is.

There will also be a group photo show (including my favorites Finley J. and Bodywallet)
and live music by Sewing Pattern and Deep Deep Diver. The event is on Friday, April 1st from 7pm until 11:30pm. Check out all the details on the Dollparts Website


Matti In Plaid

Way to leave that anonymous black puffer coat at home where it belongs. I love this unusual plaid jacket, and how Matti has paired it with another plaid, shades of beige and light burgundy boots. It's a masterful use of pattern and color, which is no surprise since Matti is a painter who works at the Museum of Contemporary Art. This girl knows her color theory!


Stars and Stripes in Pilsen

Checks and Stripes off of Division

This little lady looks too cute in her mix of patterns.

Neda on 18th Street

Links à la Mode: As the world turns

Edited by Fajr of StylishThought.com

With so much going on in the world, the Japan earthquake, the upheaval in Libya, the aftermath of John Galliano’s actions and the social phenomenon that is Charlie Sheen, it’s great to see the fashion blogging community talking about the issues and bringing a little light with the fancy of fashion! Included in this week’s amazing links: Shopping to Aid Japan Relief, an outfit post for Charlie Sheen, exploring the new neon trend and behind the scenes of how Hermes scarves are made!

Links à la Mode: March 24th

Shopbop SaleJen Kao, Maison Scotch, Free People, Tibi, Jil Sander, Herve Leger, Tory Burch, & Alexander Wang


Designer Spotlight: Elyse Marie Vieni

There are not enough superlatives in my vocabulary to communicate how much I love Elyse Marie Vieni's work. The 23 year old Art Institute graduate designs necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that will knock your socks off. Her work is currently carried at two incredibly cool boutiques. Sarca in the Gold Coast and Helen Yi in Bucktown.

Elyse studied fashion marketing at the Art Institute, but got her start designing jewelery several years ago almost accidentally. Frustrated by the tacky baubles sold in the boutique she worked in, she told the owner that she knew how to make jewelery (at the time she did not). Frantically she put a little collection together and voila Elyse Marie Vieni Designs was born.                 
Oh, and did I mention she has MAD personal style? She looks like Audrey Hepburn and Madonna's love child in this photo. And can we please talk about these Chanel half-tint sunglasses?! They're killing me. Elyse's earrings and necklace are her own design, and even though the style of the two pieces are completely different, they work together here in harmony. It's one of the interesting thing about her collection that such strong pieces don't just overwhelm the wearer, even on her tiny, tiny frame.
She looks beautiful here in these hot pink silk pants and leather vest. Take a look at the photos Amy Creyer of Chicago Streetstyle Scene - A Chicago Street Style Blog took of Elyse outside the Erin Gordon Trunk Show at Sarca.

I have never seen anything like this necklace. It's a brilliant design and looks amazing with the pink pants and leather.

I am a huge sucker for Native American style beading, so this necklace (entitled Indian Princess) is right up my alley. I also love all the chunky piles of chain metal that are interspersed between the beading.
Ok, so this is the point where I say to myself, Elyse Marie Vieni rules the world. I love this haphazard collection of metal and wrapped string wires. It's very 80's I.B Diffusion.
Ta da! I bet you didn't think things could go uphill after the last 4 great necklaces, but here we are. This one is SPECTACULAR. It looks like it's built into her dress.
The good news is Elyse is throwing a jewelery party this weekend on Saturday, March 26 from 6:00pm - 10:00pm in Bucktown at 2046 W Charleston 2F, Chicago, IL 60647.

The even better news it that she'll be selling ALL HER WORK AT WHOLESALE PRICES (that's 50% off)!!!! I'm gonna be honest with you when I say her work isn't cheap, but it's definitely affordable as a splurge at wholesale. So run, do not walk this Saturday to the party in Bucktown. If for nothing else than to see the work in person, it's truly extraordinary.


Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

This man looks like an extra from the movie A Single Man (Tom Ford's directorial debut)  If you haven't seen the film, rent it immediately. It's elegant, beautiful, stylish and profound. Plus, Julianne Moore is in it.

Candace in Pilsen

Candace is one of those people that just exudes personal style. It goes beyond the particulars of the outfit, brand names, or what's in this season. It's her confidence and pride in the look she's put together that makes her so appealing.

The Shop Girls of Sofia Vintage

Sofia Vintage is a must visit for any serious Chicago fashionista. Located at 72 East Oak Street in the Gold Coast, they have a beautifully curated selection of new and vintage designer clothing and accessories.  I recently stopped into the shop and lured the almost impossibly stylish staff to come out on the street for some photos.

Jackie looks incredibly glamorous in this white vintage Bill Blass coat and fur collar.

This heart locket is absolutely gorgeous. I love how it looks paired with the wrought iron necklace.

Erin is the store manager and looks COOL in these House of Harlow shades. I love how the chain detailing extends into a necklace. Why the heck are there not more sunglasses like this?

Erin is wearing a vintage necklace and Aleksandr Manamis sweater vest.

Penny looks sweet in these vintage white cowboy boots and Dub sweater.
This out-sized jewelery is radical. I love the mix of black and brown.
There is no cooler combination than skinny acid washed jeans and a vintage Chloe purse.
I love how the brand is integrated into the illustration. I'm not gonna lie, I would probably trample friends and family for this Chloe bag


Delivery from Hermès

There's nothing better than finding a FedEx package from Hermès waiting for you at your desk. They sent me this beautiful little scarf as a thank you for the piece I did on the Hermès Festival of Craft. Hooray for Hermès!

Take a look at the post and see how this little puppy was made.


Kate in Wicker Park

Kate is one of the owners of Outfit Chicago, a multi-line fashion showroom that sells to shops and boutiques.
This earring looks awesome with this outfit. I love that she's only wearing one. See more work and inspiration from the designer Meghan Lorenz of Cities in the Dust.


Jeremy in the Gold Coast

Jeremy works at the Moncler boutique on Oak street and looks dashing in this fabulous Moncler jacket. I love the red puffer lining in the hood and the two-tone khaki.


Designer Spotlight: C/FAN

Christina Fan launched her quasi-eponymous label C/FAN in 2008. She uses luxurious materials, beautiful tailoring and innovative silhouettes to create clothes that are equal parts elegant and cool.

I recently made a trip to C/FAN Headquarters in Logan Square and got Christina and Chelsea Lavin the Director of Sales to come out on the street and pose for some street style pics. Things started off a little rocky when I led the ladies, all decked out in luxurious fur and tottering heels into the most gruesome alley I have ever encountered. We made a quick retreat and recovered quite nicely, judging from the pictures below.

Christina looks stunning in this C/FAN shearling jacket and sheer dress over cut-offs. I love the way this deep brown Marc Jacobs bag looks with all the black in this outfit.
How sweet is this single earring? Designed by C/FAN of course
Chelsea looks outrageously cool in this C/FAN Rabbit Fur Cloak. I wish I was wearing that thing right now and forever!
One of the great things about Christina's work is the invitation to wear the clothes creatively. You can drape this jacket in a million different ways.
Find C/FAN at Sofia Vintage here in Chicago and Stanton James online.


Travis Downtown

This outfit looks comfortable and incredibly chic, two things that rarely go together. Good work sir.


Matthew in Pilsen

Matthew is looking very Irish with his red hair and green jacket. I thought it would be a good post for today, as Chicagoans go crazy dying the river green and generally getting shit-faced. Let this serve as a gentle reminder that you don't have to look like a d-bag to show your St. Paddy's day pride.


Musique à la Mode - Róisín Murphy

Hello you lovely fashionistas... It's Gregory from cardinalbebop, back for another installment of Musique à la Mode! This time I would like to discuss the incredibly fashionable lucky charm that is Róisín Murphy. Ohhh yes, this diva obliterates me with her over-the-top pop and fuck-you-fashion sense. Róisín is an electro-disco queen who hails from Ireland and was taking fashion in pop to extreme and bizarre levels way before Gaga even poked her face on the scene. (Gaga has since been accused of ganking some of Róisín's undeniably unique looks.) Since she is currently in the studio recording (after a short hiatus to pop out a baby) we can take a peek at some of the artwork and incredible fashion that accompanied 'Overpowered', her most recent album.

The covers of the album and its respective singles were photographed by Jonathan de Villiers. I love the realness that these photographs seem to convey, even though the context in which they rest is incredibly antagonistic to any thought of normalcy. If you look at the rest of his work, you can see his intent of challenging the most everyday moment to become something extraordinary.
Scott King was the conceptual stylist for the shoot (as well as the director for her "Overpowered" and "Let Me Know" videos) which shows the disco diva working mind-bending looks in workaday environs, further cementing her reputation as an artist who lives and breathes performance art. He has also worked with such musical acts as Earl Brutus, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys and Morissey and was Art Director of i-D and Sleazenation magazines. Murphy wears pieces designed by Gareth Pugh, Givenchy, and Viktor & Rolf
Roisin's street style is also amazingly cohesive and avant garde considering the fact that homegirl doesn't even have a personal stylist. Even though the pieces that she choses usually contain a substantial amount of theatrics and eccentricities, she still has this way of pulling off her looks with a mysterious grace. It's kind of remarkable, actually. It makes sense though, as most of her music is teeming with an indescribable ease and bittersweet irony. I suppose this would designate Ms. Murphy as the "Total Package" as it were.
Have a listen to Róisín's song 'Overpowered' below. To hear about Róisín's upcoming projects, and to learn more about her music, please head to cardinalbebop.blogspot.com for more info! Kiss kiss, darlings!
< /param> Roisin murphy by GIKO

Laura in Bucktown

Hermès Festival of Craft

The Hermès Festival of Crafts kicked off tonight with a cocktail party and special invitation only viewing at a space next door to the Hermès Gold Coast Boutique. The festival highlights the workmanship of the men and women behind the iconic French luxury brand. Visitors are able to observe master craftsmen at work and get a “behind the scenes” look at how everything from bags to watches are made. You can go see this fascinating, beautiful and informative exhibition starting tomorrow Friday, March 11, through Wednesday, March 16 at 110 E Oak St.

My far-and-away favorite part of the Hermès brand are the fabulous silk scarves which the company has been making since 1937. So it was a real treat for me to see how these beautiful objects are brought to life. The artistry and pain-staking, multi-step process by which they are crafted is truly remarkable.

Of course I had to wear a little piece of Hermès. I had no idea the time and human energy that went into crafting this little gorgeous kerchief.
First, engraver Nadine Rabilloud inks the designs onto screens. Each color that appears on a scarf requires a separate screen. For the design that they were demonstrating no fewer than 10 screens were produced.
Because the Hermes silk scarf is so precious, it is kind of shocking to see them here around all this ink!
The first screen is inked and pressed.
This is the basic outline of the design.
With each subsequent color another screen is inked.
Red is added.
And orange.
Now we're getting somewhere!
This is a true work of art. The richness of all the colors is just beautiful.
Silk printer Henri Lely holds up the final piece with all the inks on it before the hem is hand-stitched.
 View more pictures of the event on Très Awesome's Facebook Page
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