Chicago Street Fashion - Leslie

I ran into Leslie, a dear family friend last weekend right around the corner from where I live here in Chicago. What a delightful surprise!

Leslie has been a close friend of my Mother's ever since I can remember. I have wonderful fashion memories of Ms. Leslie throughout the years. Like the time she let me borrow a wack-a-doodle red floral cotton sundress for my Bat Mitzvah party. It was perfect (in an early 90's kind of way) for the lawn party my Mom threw, with a big white tent, a barrel smoker for the  BBQ Brisket and a 3 piece blue grass band (how cool is my mother?!?)

Leslie always looked so chic at my parents parties or get togethers at her place, and she looks amazing here. I'm loving her black and olive green layered ensemble. So hooray for family friends and for chance meetings in Chicago.

This Chicago street style was captured in River North.


  1. I am so glad to see that you not only take pics of young model like people, but real stylish people of all ages and sizes. Brilliant.

    1. For the entirety of my life Leslie has always looked FLY! So it's a pleasure to get to feature her.


      Très Awesome


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