Blogger Spotlight: Audrey Marie of A Lovely Escape

Audrey has a personal style blog called A Lovely Escape, which is just that. A perfect site to check out when you want some style inspiration or to just lose yourself looking at pretty things. She looks smashing here in African neon and bright red lipstick. I ran into her in Wicker Park this weekend walking her adorable black lab Walter. I couldn't help but take a million photos of her I mean look at that outfit!). See more of our mini-shoot on her site.

Audrey is one of those styley girls that can't take a bad photo, naturally she has been on the site before. Take a look at her winter look back in February, looking radiant as ever.


Chicago Street Style: Dana

Dana is a shop girl at the adorable boutique Tangerine in Bucktown.

I love how utilitarian her outfit is. It just goes to show that with a little tilt of the hat or tuck of the shirt even the most basic of ensembles becomes super chic.

Chicago Street Style: Caz

Caz was originally featured on Refinery29


Be our guest at the Havaianas Pop-Up Shop Launch Party!

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Chicago Street Style: Nick

Nick works at the newly opened Scoop NYC in the Gold Coast and is looking amazing in this seemingly simple ensemble.

Nick found this wild pan-tribal necklace at the one and only H&M
Looking manly and tassles rarely go together. However, Nick is making it happen with these Trussardi 1911 shoes.


Chicago Street Style: Sylvia

Chicago Street Style: Laura Kudia

Laura Kudia works at Elle.com and was in town visiting  family this past weekend. As a contributor to their Global Street Chic section it was an amazing coincidence to run into her on the street right in front of my house. She looks pretty as a peach here in this soft pastel pleated skirt.


Chicago Street Style: Allie

Allie is a shop girl at the very cool shop Tagerine in Bucktown. She looks amazing here in these harem pants and monogram necklace. This photo was originally featured as one of Refinery29's Summer Street Style Looks To Copy Now

It's funny because I happen to wearing this EXACT same outfit now, right down to the A monogram necklace, even though my first initial starts with the letter E...

Chicago Street Style: Daniel

Chicago Street Style: Shani Silver

Editor of Refinery29 Chicago and fashion over-achiever Shani Silver looks fetching in these high-waisted jeans and cute print kerchief. Look for more photos from this series in the what we're wearing section of Refinery29 in the coming months.

Train Trackz: Matt

Photo and words by the ever stylish Jeff Canzona
This is Matt. He makes chairs. And he makes just listening to MGMT on the Brown Line look good. It’s probably the fedora. Or the long hair and glasses. Or the rust oxfords. Or the bag from NeoCon (the design convention, not the conservative political movement...obviously) Or it’s the whole deal. He’s an architect and designer, so he knows how to put it all together. It’s his job. Nice work, Matt.


Chicago Street Style: Emily Lane

Originally seen on Refinery29, you can check out more of Emily's fabulous looks on her personal style blog Emily Lane

Chicago Street Style: Sonia

Chicago Street Style: D-Win

Darius Winfield (aka D-Win) is a man of many talents. Art, music, fashion and perhaps most importantly looking fly. He found these cool patches at Belmont Army and sewed them on this basic jean jacket from H&M. Brilliant.

View some of D-Win's other looks on LE Vi$ionnaire and Lookbook.nu

Oh he also made a music video, check it out here.


Look of the Week: Lindsay

What do you get when you add red to red and then add more red? One hot tamale! I love Lindsay's long maxi dress with the African inspired tribal print. She's our look of the week on facebook.

Check out the Très Awesome page on facebook and if you haven't already, like us! You'll be kept informed of up-and-coming Chicago based designers, cool fashion events and of course the latest trends and looks from the street.


Chicago Street Style: Carina

I spotted Carina at Do Division and fell in love with her bucking bronco flannel over this midriff baring tank. Good work lady.

Chicago Street Style: Aleem (Again!)

We started out last week at Très Awesome with Train Trackz featuring Aleem in the morning on his way to work.
Now its approaching 9:42 pm and Aleem is as ready as ever, pictured here with a white Gucci tote and perfect coif. It's pure kismet that we ran into each other after contributor Jeff Canzona captured Aleem's a.m dopeness last week.

Chicago Street Style: Marisol


Chicago Street Style: Marita

I love me some pastels, and Marita wears them well. She picked up this beautiful scarf in Thailand and is wearing a Kelacala Q bracelet by Lara Kurtzman.
This necklace sends me over the moon. It's from Jewel Mint, a unique jewelery concept from Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter that creates a collection for you based on your personal style. Looks like Marita is a geometric sundae type of girl...

Chicago Street Style: Sasha

Sasha looks like a total badass in her rocker shades and skinny red jeans.


Chicago Street Style: Brittany

I ran into Brittany at the Guerrilla Truck Show in Fulton Market this evening. She looks stunning in this lace and sweater set with the high waisted green jeans. Her look reminds me of Kelly Macdonald in Boardwalk empire.
Brittany's sweater and lace jacket are vintage, her jeans are from American Apparel and her platform sandals are from Zara.


Chicago Stree Style: Q

This street style post has been brought to you be the letter Q.

Two facts about Q

1. He works at Barneys.

2. He always looks this good.

I've snapped his photo before, but the light wasn't optimal so I bid my time and as luck would have it I ran into him again this weekend!

I love his colorful scarf and simple jacket. He's carrying a bag from Paul Smith and sporting cool two tone shoes from Dries Van Noten. Oooolala

Chicago Street Style: Orrisa

If you would have told me that I would be posting people in trench coats and boots in mid-june I would not have believed you, but here we are. It's like fall all over again.

Chicago Street Style: Chelsea

Originally seen on Elle: Chelsea Lavin Director of Sales at C/FAN

Train Trackz: Alex

Photo and words by the ever stylish Jeff Canzona
Ladies, meet Alex.

With a perfectly tousled pompadour, a badass gold watch, and some deep-fade prescription shades, all he needed was white tee and jeans to set it off.

And of course a globally hip soundtrack. Alex’s? Palmitos Park by El Guincho. 

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