Chicago Get's Tagged Benetton Event

You may have noticed my logo has been grafitti-ized...no the site has not been vandalized ;) it's all a part of the Benetton #ChicagoGetsTagged event that is going to be happening this Wednesday October 23rd from 6-8 at their store at the The Shops at North Bridge at 520 N. Michigan Avenue. Come sip cocktails and eat delicious bites while enjoying 20% off the entire store!  Just RSVP to benetton@co-op-pr.com

Also shop my picks on the Benetton site. There is so much cool stuff it was hard to narrow it down to just 3-4 peices.

Here is the full piece of artwork that James Jankowiak created, stripes are his signature!

See you on Wednesday!!!!


Tziporah Salamon

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Tziporah Salamon at Dose Market where she was giving a presentation on what else, FASHION?! Tziporah is a style icon and muse to legendary street style photographer Bill Cunningham and Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style.


Amelia Eaton

Hats off to this sparkly ensemble. Amelia Eaton of the CHICago Life Blog looks ahmazzzzzzziing here on the street in this sequin statement top and shorts.


Azeeza and Zsa Zsa

Designer Azeeza Khan (of the gorgeous label Azeeza) is no stranger to the pages of Très Awesome but this is adorable little Zsa Zsa's debut photo.


The Perfect Grey Frock

Textured Lace Skirt

Love how this heavy lace skirt casts shadows on the ground and on the wearers Valentino shoes.
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