Modern Day Mad Men - The People of Leo Burnett, Part One

Bust out your martini glasses and light up a smoke, Mad Men is back for a fifth season after almost a year and a half hiatus. In the run up to the two hour premier this Sunday, I've been snapping photos of my stylish co-workers at Leo Burnett. These real life "mad men and women" were kind enough to take some time out of their busy days to pose for some street style around the Leo Burnett Building in downtown Chicago.

Jeremy Boland is an Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett. Very Don Draper, no? Also, his rad bow tie was actually improvised from a belt.

Taylor Stat is an Account Executive at Leo Burnett. This isn't her first or even second time on Très Awesome. Take a look at her other amazing photos here and here.

Topher Cochrane is a producer at Leo Burnett. I'm loving his purple Raybans and vintage Coach briefcase.

Donna Varichak is a Senior Producer at Leo Burnett.

Her Anna Sui graphic dress paired with the large hounds tooth jacket is too fabulous for words.

Pippa White is an Art Director at Leo Burnett. How cute are these plaid pants and cheeky menswear look?

Kyle Obriot is a Video Editor at Leo Burnett. After watching the Ken's Burns Baseball documentary he picked up this reproduction of a classic jersey from the turn of the century. Score! Check out the cool company he founded called Giant System that makes motion pictures of bands playing their songs in their spaces. Also take a look at this adorable video he made with Tavi as she packed for New York Fashion Week.

Alisa Wolfson is a Design Director at Leo Burnett. She's looks beautiful in her simple trench and Alexander Wang purse. 
Audrey Huber is an Account Executive at Leo Burnett. She also has an amazing personal style blog called A Lovely Escape. Audrey has been featured on Très Awesome a ton of times. Take a look at her most memorable moments  here and here.
Lamar Land is a digital strategist for the multi-cultural agency Tapestry. I love how he's mixing color here. Turns out  blue, black, brown and purple look great together.

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of my "Modern Day Mad Men" series early next week after the premiere!

Also check out our fearless leader Susan Credle, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett in the most amazing pair of MC Hammer Pants the world has ever seen.


  1. I like Jeremy's style. The belt/bowtie is brilliant.

    1. Agreed lady. Thanks for peeping the piece.



  2. Taylor is gorgeous. Topher's shoes look like they may smell... awesome.

  3. AGREED, and yes they do look like they would stank, however I don't remember detecting any odor. The wind was blowing pretty steadily though, so that doesn't say much ;)

  4. WoW! nice collection of photo's and fashion! Uncle Leo would be so proud!

  5. Pics are so great! We work with attractive people!

  6. What a fabulous preview to Mad Men! :) I of course totally blogged about it:


    As always, loved the photos Emma! Tres bien! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel!!!! Hung out with your working wardrobe homey kate last night!


      Très Awesome


  8. love taylor's pants - must have them - where are they from??


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