Modern Day Mad Men - Chelsea Wagman

I rarely post photos in black and white, however Chelsea's classic look was made for the silver gelatin treatment. Chelsea is a creative resource manager at Leo Burnett. Basically, if you want something done, this is the woman to talk to.

So, last night I had a nightmare, which I will spare you the details of (listening to other peoples dreams is maybe one of the MOST BORING activity in the world) but part of the bad series of events was that  I missed the second episode of Mad Men. I woke up and thought PHEWWWW I really dodged the bullet on that one, it's only Sunday morning. HOWEVER this dream was the bird of ill omen, because that's exactly what happened. I was at dinner with friends and one glass of wine turned into another and poof it's 9 pm. So As of writing this I have not seen the second episode. How was it? Any better than the premier?

1 comment:

  1. Better than the premier because BETTY is BACK! Also, I've thoroughly enjoyed your Modern Day Mad Men series. Fabulous!


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