Chicago Street Style: Twin Skull Bracelets

These two photos were taken within an hour of one another on two different women. Talk about a coincidence! These ladies are clearly accessory soul mates and should definitely get married, or at the very least fist bump.
Jackie from the lovely boutique Sofia Vintage rocks her skull with a cute friendship bracelet and leather spike cuff. You can pick up this skull bracelet by Robin Lynn at Sofia Vintage
Jena Gambaccini member of The Style Tribe and  the woman behind Chi City Fashion wears her skull bracelet with a similar spiked cuff and fancy town usa Bulgari watch. She got her skull bracelet from The Possesionista

See Jena's entire ensemble on Laundry Magazine's profile on me "A Day in the Life of Très Awesome"


  1. Where is the top one from? I need it!!!

  2. It's by Robin Lynn and available at Sofia Vintage in Chicago


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