The Devils in the Details: Pitchfork 2011

Dope carved wood necklace by Maybe So. You can buy this and other cool items, including t-shirts and bags that read "I Fucking Love Kittens" on their Etsy Shop,
Dooney and Burke rocked the cool way. As a fanny pack.
Even if Très Awesome wasn't partnering with AllSaints Spitallfields, I would have posted this T-shirt. It's super cool.
Same goes for this photo. This woman is wearing an AllSaints dress and an insano coyote jawbone necklace from Sin is Pretty

This Minor Threat fanny pack would probably kick the shit of the Dooney and Burke one pictured above. Or at least call it names.  So punk rock. Literally.

Just the tip. A little glitter goes a long way.

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