Pitchfork Music Festival Street Style for Elle.com

Festival season in Chicago is my favorite time of year. Summer's in full swing and it's a great excuse to hang with friends, drink beer in the sun and listen to live music. Also there's absoloutely no better place in Chicago to scout street style. This year I had the great honor to capture the festival's stylish attendees for Elle.com. Take a look at all of my Pitchfork street style shots at Elle

Look Ma, I'm on the home page of Elle.com!

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the Pitchfork Music Festival. Look for more in the days to come.


  1. Congrats on the Elle biz!!! Love all the photos. I absolutely love the first pic here. Freckles and dots=perfection!

  2. Soooo rad! Well done, girlfriend!


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