Chicago Street Style: Ian

I found Ian in the Gold Coast on his way to work at Jack Spade.
He looks dapper in frames from See and a shirt from you guessed it, Jack Spade. Ian is having a bit of a run on Chicago street style blogs. He was also recently featured on Amy Creyer's Chicago Street Style in her round-up of hot CTA commuters.

Gotta love a man in pink pants. Ian's are from Rugby Ralph Lauren.
These vintage shoes are classic.
This is the second rad timex watch I have posted in the last week. Take a look at the brown version here.


  1. He's adorable! I love this look.

  2. That is NOT a Timex for J.Crew, it is just a Timex. I'm not sure why you thought this was for the J.Crew collection (it has a tachymeter), outside of maybe the fact that a lot of people think the only nice watches Timex makes are their J.Crew collection - patently false.

    I have this same timepiece, and I love it, but you're sending people in the wrong direction to buy it!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up Andrew. Duly noted and corrected.


    Très Awesome


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