Urban Cowboy in Pilsen

Carlos looks like a million bucks with his magnificent handle bar mustache and western wear. I found him on the street outside his house shoveling snow in this cowboy hat, when I asked him to take a picture he ran inside to get this truly spectacular jacket. 

See the rest of my Pilsen series from the past couple of weeks in my new column on Gozamos called The Flavorhood. Where each month I'll explore a new neighborhood and capture the fabulous style of it's inhabitants.


  1. I love just clicking through the posts on here and looking at all the amazing photos and fantastic fashions. Your blog is awesome!

  2. ummm i know this dude! Haha! Pilsen has such a diverse culture and its just getting better, GREAT shot

  3. Oh my gosh. This man is amazing, and I want to know him!


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