Designer Spotlight: C/FAN

Christina Fan launched her quasi-eponymous label C/FAN in 2008. She uses luxurious materials, beautiful tailoring and innovative silhouettes to create clothes that are equal parts elegant and cool.

I recently made a trip to C/FAN Headquarters in Logan Square and got Christina and Chelsea Lavin the Director of Sales to come out on the street and pose for some street style pics. Things started off a little rocky when I led the ladies, all decked out in luxurious fur and tottering heels into the most gruesome alley I have ever encountered. We made a quick retreat and recovered quite nicely, judging from the pictures below.

Christina looks stunning in this C/FAN shearling jacket and sheer dress over cut-offs. I love the way this deep brown Marc Jacobs bag looks with all the black in this outfit.
How sweet is this single earring? Designed by C/FAN of course
Chelsea looks outrageously cool in this C/FAN Rabbit Fur Cloak. I wish I was wearing that thing right now and forever!
One of the great things about Christina's work is the invitation to wear the clothes creatively. You can drape this jacket in a million different ways.
Find C/FAN at Sofia Vintage here in Chicago and Stanton James online.


  1. They look great! LOVE - WANT - MUST have that Fur Cloak!



  2. Love me some C/FAN! This line is going to rocket - Fall 2011 is INSANE!

  3. That rabbit fur cloak is giving me LIFE!

  4. Oh my gosh, both these ladies look so STUNNING!!!

  5. Eww this collection is hideous and its designer even more so. Nasty nasty nasty. Her make-up looks like a hooker.


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