The Preservation Society Thrift Store

While wandering around Pilsen this weekend I happened upon a store front that at first glance looked like a defunct church rummage sale. It turns out that The Preservation Society is actually Pilsen's newest vintage store. Located along at 1253 W. 18th, it's full of great finds from the 80s and 90s. It's a must visit along with Knee Deep Vintage and Pilsen Vintage Thrift just down the street. I was able to convince two of the owners lovely friends to come out on the street for a little street style action.

Kristen's outfit is just spectacular. I love the vague flapper/1920s theme with the two-tone shoes, fringe skirt and fedora. The aztec inspired sweater is unexpected but somehow pulls the whole look together.
Lucy looks so cool in this vibrant outfit. Her matching red coat and shoes are brilliantly offset by the purple tights and the turquoise mini dress peeking out underneath. I love how her hair is cut and colored. Super chic!


  1. I have to say Pilsen sure has changed since I was little..very nice.

  2. I have been to Preservation Society, and it is one of the better thrift stores in the Pilsen area. While the space is relatively new, I have made great finds there. Worth checking out.

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  4. These two ladies totally blow me away! Kristen's outfit is *genius* and the dark, dark lip totally pulls it all together. I'm in love.

    And I must check out this area soon! I'm in dire need of some thrifting...


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