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Hello you lovely fashionistas... It's Gregory from cardinalbebop, back for another installment of Musique à la Mode! This time I would like to discuss the incredibly fashionable lucky charm that is Róisín Murphy. Ohhh yes, this diva obliterates me with her over-the-top pop and fuck-you-fashion sense. Róisín is an electro-disco queen who hails from Ireland and was taking fashion in pop to extreme and bizarre levels way before Gaga even poked her face on the scene. (Gaga has since been accused of ganking some of Róisín's undeniably unique looks.) Since she is currently in the studio recording (after a short hiatus to pop out a baby) we can take a peek at some of the artwork and incredible fashion that accompanied 'Overpowered', her most recent album.

The covers of the album and its respective singles were photographed by Jonathan de Villiers. I love the realness that these photographs seem to convey, even though the context in which they rest is incredibly antagonistic to any thought of normalcy. If you look at the rest of his work, you can see his intent of challenging the most everyday moment to become something extraordinary.
Scott King was the conceptual stylist for the shoot (as well as the director for her "Overpowered" and "Let Me Know" videos) which shows the disco diva working mind-bending looks in workaday environs, further cementing her reputation as an artist who lives and breathes performance art. He has also worked with such musical acts as Earl Brutus, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys and Morissey and was Art Director of i-D and Sleazenation magazines. Murphy wears pieces designed by Gareth Pugh, Givenchy, and Viktor & Rolf
Roisin's street style is also amazingly cohesive and avant garde considering the fact that homegirl doesn't even have a personal stylist. Even though the pieces that she choses usually contain a substantial amount of theatrics and eccentricities, she still has this way of pulling off her looks with a mysterious grace. It's kind of remarkable, actually. It makes sense though, as most of her music is teeming with an indescribable ease and bittersweet irony. I suppose this would designate Ms. Murphy as the "Total Package" as it were.
Have a listen to Róisín's song 'Overpowered' below. To hear about Róisín's upcoming projects, and to learn more about her music, please head to cardinalbebop.blogspot.com for more info! Kiss kiss, darlings!
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