Chez Mignon: A House of Pretty Things

This Friday designers DollpartsAlidade and Caroline Borucki and vintage vendors YellowBirddDethrose Vintage and Nonnie Johns Vintage will be showing their spring collections in a runway show at the Elastic Arts Foundation in Logan Square.

I visited Dollparts founder, Michelle Dimitris's work space in Wicker Park last weekend and got a sneak peak at the Spring line as modeled by Alex. This outfit was created using recycled textiles and looks absolutely adorable on her. Michelle often uses material from second-hand garments, remaindered fabrics and found materials. Also Michelle's work space is AMAZING. I can't get over how cool that Marloboro Man billboard wallpaper is.

There will also be a group photo show (including my favorites Finley J. and Bodywallet)
and live music by Sewing Pattern and Deep Deep Diver. The event is on Friday, April 1st from 7pm until 11:30pm. Check out all the details on the Dollparts Website


  1. the show is going to be a lot of fun. anything sustainable is a great thing--especially in these times. thx!


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