Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

This man looks like an extra from the movie A Single Man (Tom Ford's directorial debut)  If you haven't seen the film, rent it immediately. It's elegant, beautiful, stylish and profound. Plus, Julianne Moore is in it.


  1. love the sunglasses...and a single man! just saw it for the first time the other day. it rules. so much good styling.

  2. this man is a FAMOUS chicago photographer, Caleb Condit (calebcondit.com), duh.

  3. Double Duh! He gave me his card which I proceeded to lose, but I wanted to drop him a line to say I posted his pic, so thanks for the info!

  4. Last year I had two pairs of oversized sunglasses from Topshop which I felt didn't suit my face shape when I tried them on again for S/S 2011. Or maybe they were just too big! I ordered these ones because they looked perfect and they are!
    I like the Tortoise shell colour of them over a black pair as I think it makes them look more expensive, the top of the glasses come on my eyebrow and they are not overly small or big, perfect size really!
    Can't wait for the sunny weather to wear them now!


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