School of the Art Institute Designer Spotlight - David Cantu

David Cantu is a graduating senior at The School of the Art Institute's fashion program. On April 19th he will show his work along with his classmates in the biggest show in the departments 78 year history.

David grew up in the small town of  Laredo, Texas and then moved with his family to the suburbs of Chicago.

David Cantu's work is truly remarkable. He showed me so many lovely garments, and this body suit is like WOWZA. David has always had an interest in designing. He told me that "As a kid I would read all the fashion magazines my mom and sister bought. When I grew up I realized I could turn this interest into a career.

Here are some of David's sketches from his current collection. He draws on memories of his upbringing for inspiration. He is also currently very interested in coming of age and the American teenager.

This fabric combination is just scrumptious. See more of David's awesome work at "The Walk" as sponsored by Swavorski. You can still buy tickets on the The Art Institute's Website.

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