Coachella Street Style - Modcloth Guest Instagrammer

One of the funnest parts of going to Coachella this year was getting to be the official Modcloth Instagrammer. I snapped all kinds of cool festival Mamas for their feed and blog. Go check out their site to see all the festival style I captured for them.

Another rad part of the weekend was staying at Lake Eldorado, a private VIP camping area on the grounds that is breathtakingly beautiful and filled with teepees! 

The best part of Coachella though, was the music (obv) which is what brought everyone together in the first place. My personal highlights were Radiohead, hearing Pulp's "The Common People" and of course Snoop and Dre with a holographic special appearance by Tupac. Can't wait till next year, although I have no idea how they'll top 2012.

See more of the great Coachella style I captured over the weekend both here and here


  1. We loved having you on The ModCloth Blog again, Emma! Can I come with you next time? : )

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