Chicago Street Fashion - Evette

I love this photograph for a couple of reasons. Evette is gorgeous, and there is the photo in the photo on her t-shirt, but the best thing I think is the guy in the background who has turned around to check her out. It's perfect!

Shani Silver over at Refinery29 (where this photo was originally published) is "impressed by her use of a sheer lace maxi in cooler temps. A quick dive through the "leggings drawer" (you know you have one) will turn up an easy way to keep this skirt in play all season long."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Literally.  I'm getting so sleepy that my writing skills are going down the tubes. Time to put this puppy on a timer and hit the hay.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.


  1. I agree - the first photo is a great "story" shot with the guy in the background. And, yes, she is gorgeous!

    The Styleseer

  2. Love it!

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