Philidelphia Street Style: Free People HQ

All Photos by Nathan Kula  www.tookula.com

The Free People girls put a twist on office dressing.
Free People’s home office in Philadelphia is one step ahead when it comes to dressing for work; there are no boundaries, no rules, just pure fun when it comes to fashion.There’s a mixture of style from tomboy to bohemian to grunge; you can almost predict that the dusty military boot will be a signature accessory when it comes to dressing down a pretty dress or twisting a thrift store find into something modern and cool.

The girls at Free People know how to work the old with the new and make going to work at the office a fun fashion parade.

Did I mention I have a bunch of street style over on the Free People blog? What are you waiting for, go check out BLDG 25

Also check out more of the very talented Nathan Kula's work.


  1. Awesome blog...those shoes ill die for

    Anyhoo, please visit my site and spread the word if you please. www.coletteClayton.com for awesome vint. finds and tribal finds.

    thank you.

  2. nice work! y'all look gorgeous!


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