Chicago Street Fashion - Penny at Sofia

I stopped into Sofia (one of my very favorite shops in the gold coast) this weekend and found darling Penny in this amazing ensemble that includes a vintage cape from her Grandmother (granny was fly!) and many items from Sofia.
Penny's pen knife necklace was made for her by her boyfriend for her b-day(can we both date him?!). Also can we talk about this fish belt. SO COOL. 

All rings were bought at Sofia, where you should absolutely high tail it if you're in Chicago. They have an expertly curated new and vintage designer collection that will make your sartorial dreams come true.

72 East Oak Street
Chicago, IL 60611


  1. hahaha, love your commentary on this! granny was fly!!!

    i am inspired by the tights/kneehighs/short boots combo.

    also, love how she wasn't afraid to wear the long sweater under the shorter cape!

  2. So many small details in her outfit!
    The best boyfriends are the creative ones :)

    In the Light of Style


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