Chicago Street Fashion - Chelsea Simonne

Here are some things I know about Chelsea Simonne.
1. She has a rad tumblr
2. She works at the very cool boutique Sofia
3. She's our look of the week on Facebook.
4. She basically lives in these leather leggings (wouldn't you too if you had legs up to your elbows?)

This image was originally published on Refinery29 (Thanks to Ms. Shani Silver!)
Okay, so I have a confession...I hate the fur tail trend. There I said it. You have no idea how many times I've seen a person with amazing personal style, and then I see that tail, and it's over (basically I won't take your picture if you're wearing one). The problem for me comes from the fact that it's is very hard to pull off without looking like a Furry

That being said, Chelsea, you look gorgeous. When paired with this sleek, sophisticated look it transcends my prejudice. Good work lady, you've widened my horizons :)

POW! These rings rule. They are available at Sofia, but I'm not sure who the designer is. Does anyone know?

Chelsea has been on Très Awesome before (duh!)

This Chicago street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


  1. I hate the fur tail trend too, but she does pull it off!


  2. Damn, I better burn the new fur tail I just taxidermed.

    Love this! Also, she has perfect hair.

    Hope you'll be around the Chi during the latter half of December...

  3. Great styles..



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