Shaun Sperling of Madonna Bar Mitzvah Fame

The last time I saw Shaun Sperling he was dancing the Horah at my sister Rachel's wedding to the tune of Havah Nagila and then later on bumping and grinding to Prince.  So when I saw the video of his Madonna themed Bar Mitzvah from 1992 surface on the internet his smooth moves didn't surprise me at all. What was surprising is that since the video was posted to Youtube almost 1 million people have watched it and it's landed him on The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Perez Hilton, and many more.

20 years later,  Shaun Sperling is a Lawyer that lives with his delightful partner Matt Leyes here in Chicago. 

I couldn't help doing a little photoshop magic to bring back the AMAZING Madonna shirt that Shaun's mother had airbrushed for him to wear under his suit while reading the Torah and for the BIG reveal for his surprise performance.

If you haven't seen the video yet, I guarantee it will make you smile...


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