Lollapalooza 2012 - Festival Babes

Beautiful Aaliyah, who I survived the crazy storm with, looks overjoyed t o be back at the fest.

Theresa DeMaria is wearing the perfect festival outfit, so perfect it looks like it may have been put together by a professional stylist. Well surprise, surprise, that's exactly what she is, for Factor Artists here in Chicago.

This pair looks so cool. I love the woman on the right with her tricky halter using a Hermes scarf. FANCY!

Maryam Moma looks incredible here in her vintage USA bralette and Prada bag.

It wouldn't be festival season in Chicago without an April Francis sighting. Three rad things about this outfit are 1. She's a mobile music machine with her Jammy Pack 2. Those are no oridinary galoshes, they are Chloe dahling 3. You can't really see it but that's a Totes Dose Market bag.

Vintage camera as an accessory? Yes please!

Courtney Wachs looks awesome here in these heart shaped frames.


  1. Another cool set of shots. The last is my favorite, Yankees fan that I am.

  2. Great photos, Emma. Some of the best Lollapalooza looks I've seen this year!


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