Lollapalooza 2012 - The Dum Dum Girls

One of my favorite performances of Lollapalooza this year was The Dum Dum Girls. They absolutely killed their performance on Sunday and were without a doubt the most stylish act at the festival. I caught up with lead singer Kristen Gundred and drummer Sandy Vu as they were signing autographs for two very sweet little girls at the request of their father (congrats pops, you're the coolest dad ever).

Kristen and Sandy lookin' all 60's punk glam here. I love Kristen's iconic striped tights, which she also sports in their video Bedroom Eyes (see below).

Can you say ROCK GODDESS?! Scott Drasler of Partyline Chicago snapped these great shots of Kristen and Jules in action. Check out more of his Lollapalooza 2012 snaps here.

Like what you see and hear? You can go download their latest track 'Lord Knows' for free on their website, SWEET!


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