Lollapalooza 2012 - Festival of Style

So much great style this year at Lollapalooza, despite the crazy weather which included sweltering heat and an INSANE storm that actually closed down the festival for several hours people really brought their A-game.

Jena of ChiCity Fashion looks fantastic with her clear purse, rad belt and positive attitude :)

I love these flowers musician Alexandra Lawn pinned in her hair.

Jennifer Worman of Red Soles Red Wine looks cute as a button outside the Gilt Lollapalooza Pool Party.

How did this guy get a bike in?! My dogs are still barking from the fest, this would have been a dynamite mode of transporation for me. Maybe I'll try and finagle something for next year!

Caylee of the blog If You Seek Style looks lovely in her crazy aviator sunglasses.

But wait, there's more! Be on the look out all week for tons more Lollapalooza 2012 festival styles.


  1. The guys in this set are especially fabulous!

  2. Agreed, they really brought it!

  3. The amish biker is so cool.

  4. That first guy is Major Taylor. He's an AWESOME DJ here in Chicago.


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