Chicago Street Fashion - Zac

Wouldn't you be running your fingers through your mop if it looked like that? I caught Zac as he was leaving work at Michael & Michael Salon this Saturday.

In addition to having incredible hair Zac also has a RADICAL music blog called The Defense. What are you waiting for, go check it out now...
Good your back, did you see that video of the Archie Band singing My Boyfriends back by the Angels. Yes you're right, it is totally awesome.

So back to this outfit...these shoes are lovely. I particularly like them paired with these navy pants.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in River North.


  1. Lovely!

    Shop men's shoes Chicago at CITY SOLES in Wicker Park and online!

  2. Extremely a go-getto this winter season! :)

  3. Vraiment incroyable, c'est un merveilleux. Félicitations! J'ai vraiment apprécié de regarder votre blog. Vous êtes à la recherche si beau dans cette robe.

  4. Love his brogues! I think I need them!! hehe

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