Musique à la Mode-Yelle

For those of you who are unaware... Yelle is TRÉS AWESOME! She is a French Electropop diva who's amazing minimal disco sound is possibly only matched in coolness by the imitable styling and fashions of her promotional materials.
Jean-Paul Lespagnard is responsible for the fashions featured on Yelle and the sexy Yelle hunters. I really can't get enough of his use of texture and odd-lines. I love the juxtaposition of theme and style... totally modern and fantasy freemy :) I like, also, that the safari theme was executed without the use of obvious and predictable African themes, and cliche colors and patterns. In a way, they used a more realistic palette and thus achieved a more modern and authentic look.
The look was styled by Leslie David responsible for the id's of french collective COLLETTE, Sweden's delicious pop duo RÖYKSOPP and the packaging/imaging of the CHLOÉ and GIVENCHY brands.
Grégoire Alexandre photographed Yelle in her amazing neo-safari garb. His stuff is generally based on exquisitely bizzarre sets, props, and themes. He has an amazing portfolio which covers a wide array of Musicians (such as Bertrand Bergalot), high-fashion editorials and advertising as well as the refreshingly playful and original artwork/promo from Yelle's debut self-titled album. You can check that out here
Yelle always seems to pull from the past with her style and sound but always somehow ends up creating music and accompanying visuals that have a futuristic vibe. If you ask us, Yelle is can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it AWESOMESAUCE.  She is luxury modern pop and fashion with street swagger to boot.

Check out the title track to Yelle's album 'Safari Disco Club' below, and if you want more of her general goodness, head on over to CARDINALBEBOP!


  1. looks just like betty davis rip off-cool tho. Love the jumpsuit

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