Puffer Coats

It wouldn't be winter in Chicago without the ubiquitous Puffer Jacket. Here are three examples of women who have accesorized to bring some life to this basic winter staple.

Jazmine is a stylist at Akira on North Avenue in Wicker Park. She looks spectacular in this simple ensemble that she's dressed up with a couple choice accessories. See more photos I took of Jazmine on Garmental
Jacklyn is wearing pretty much the same outfit as the woman standing behind her but has broken the mold with her hot pink matching stockings and lipstick and towering purple shoes. Good work bringing some life to those cold Chicago streets.

Enitan is also a Stylist at Akira on North Avenue. The dramatic collar on this puffer jacket and gold zipper takes it out of the ordinary. The collar looks incredibly elegant with her side bun and beret.


  1. Love this post. Sometimes it's so hard to be cute with a big puffy jacket/coat on. These ladies make it look easy.


  2. We gotta deal with this weather, right? Great ideas!!


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