The Perfect Pleated Skirt

All summer I've wanted a long flowing black pleated skirt. The type of thing you could dress up or down depending on your shoes and accessories. And I'm happy to say I found it (unexpectedly) at Banana Republic!

BR generously gifted me a look from their current collection and it was hard to pick just one outfit! They have so much great stuff, but as I mentioned before I'd been on the hunt for a long pleated skirt, and this is the real deal. It's the exact right length, it holds it's pleats (even in a suitcase) and makes me feel like I'm floating down the street. You can get one of your very own right here.

Love this silver tote. You can get an even cooler gold one online here.

You can pick up this rad lace tank in stores or get a similar one with short sleeves online. 

In short if you're not checking out Banana Republic you're missing out on some fly shiz. They have a 40% off sale going on right now online. So there's no time like the present!


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