Purple Leather Gloves and a Whole Lotta Chutzpah

Excuse me sir, what's in that enormous garment bag? Oh, another fur coat? Why of course it is. I love that he just completely went for it with the matching accessories. He looks a little like a debonair comic book villain that has just picked up his dry-cleaning.


  1. I love his outfit! The purple gloves and scraf just make it so much cooler. Xx

  2. Oh, wow, he's so wonderful. :) Good for him. I know what you mean though about the debonair comic villain.. Ahh....

  3. Hahaha, I *love* it!! And he just *had* to pick purple as his accessory color of choice. Pefect!

  4. Amazing!

    (And, I love your commentary. Another fur coat? Mink? Ermine? No, no, of course it's chinchilla.)


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